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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
This Means War

This Means War(2012)

This Means War is another mediocre comedy, which has been unsuccessfully trying to mix multiple genres and sub-genres into one coherent story. Unclear whether this is a spy action comedy, buddy comedy or romantic comedy this movie is capable of delivering mediocre level of entertainment but it ultimately suffers from being unfocused, relatively unfunny and quite absurd.

With a beginning very similar to several others spy action comedies, This Means War starts in a decent formulaic way, outlying the buddy relationships between two CIA operatives Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine), and their supposed-to-be-arch-rival-villain. As one could expect both of them are totally different (British vs American; separated from his wife vs. a real playboy) and this sets the first premises for interpersonal conflicts and funny moments while the audience expect from Hardy and Pine to get the terrorist Heinrich (Til Schweiger). When Reese Witherspoon gets involved in the story everything turns into a love triangle and a relatively funny depiction of what men are capable of when competing for a woman.

Unfortunately, the deeper Hardy and Pine get into the fight for Witherspoon's heart, the more absurd the movie becomes. The initial sub-plot line of capturing a bad German terrorist is sidelined to a level where the audience forgets it or could perfectly predict how the terrorist part of the movie could come back towards the end. This makes director McG's delivery seem like an awful patchwork of movies. Seeing Hardy and Pine using CIA tools to get what they want while Til Schweiger is trying to find them in Los Angeles(CIA Operation Center in Los Angeles is total absurdity), throws the movie completely out of the reality.

Given the leading cast trio, the movie's story-telling problems only strengthen the disappointment from McG's direction. Both Hardy and Pine have been among the Hollywood's most promising new actors,Witherspoon has proven that she alone is capable of saving a movie and Til Schweiger has been one of the most captivating German actors ( Men in the City (Männerherzen)). Yet, despite the chemistry between the three of them and Schweiger's bad-face performance, they could not save This Means War from being a total mess.

In conclusion, This Means War could be considered a decent movie for a date night or similar. For the more pretentious part of the audience, this spy-action-comedy-romantic mumbo-jumbo would be a disappointment with its loud and chaotic story, and cast which has not received the chance to show what it is capable of.