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Alex Cross

Alex Cross(2012)

More a collapse of a franchise, than a reboot, Alex Cross is a shallow and mediocre attempt to continue the story of the legendary Morgan Freeman's detective Cross. Despite some decent performances and initially intriguing story, the movie suffers from extremely poor screenplay and a total indecisiveness whether it is a psychological thriller, action flick, revenge drama or buddy cop movie.

From the very beginning it becomes clear that the only thing in common which the originals Kiss The Girls and Along Came a Spider have with this Tyler Perry vehicle is the name of the detective. Director Rob Cohen tries to connect his character with the original character of James Patterson by depicting part of Cross' biography from the time before he went to Washington D.C. and how he lost his wife. The story starts in a decent way and the audience is actually intrigued by the manic performance of Matthew Fox as the super professional assassin. On the other hand, Tyler Perry never really manages to convince as detective Cross. He may successfully step out of the Madea franchise's shoes, but never gets into the shoes of Alex Cross. The scenes showing him as a flawless, super-smart detective (even when being at home with his family) add little to convince the audience that Perry is Alex Cross.

Even with Perry not being the "detective Cross" many had hoped for, the movie could have been saved from being such a flop, if the story and the script had not been so confused, uneven and full of inconsistencies. Obviously director Rob Cohen had difficulties to decide what kind of movie he was making. Instead of delivering a suspenseful and slick psychological thriller in line with the originals starring Morgan Freeman (actually the first minutes of the movie are in this direction), he adds action elements, glimpses of revenge drama (by stretching the family drama of Cross to unnecessary length) and even buddy cop elements. Thus, instead of having a noir and younger version of detective Cross, the audience faces 100 minutes of complete mess in which the dedicated performances Matthew Fox and Jean Reno are not enough to save the movie from being a disappointment.

In conclusion, Alex Cross is another dismal delivery of director Rob Cohen who has probably lost with this movie the last bunch of fans which he won with The Fast and The Furious. Unable to match the standard set by its predecessors, this movie is nothing but a TV-time killer when there is nothing else to see or to do.