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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Watch

The Watch(2012)

Filled with A-class Hollywood comedic stars, The Watch is a disappointing, unfunny and unfocused mix of tasteless sci-fi and gross buddy comedy. With neither coherent story,nor sufficient funny moments this movie tries to compensate its inability to entertain with idiotic gags, vulgarity and the idle presence of top comedic actors.

The very beginning of The Watch is misleading as 2 of the 7 laughs throughout the whole movie take place in the first ten minutes.Ben Stiller is a manager at a local store (and a control freak), who tries to get things in his hands after the mysterious death of one of his store guards. This decision brings him together with the comedy heavyweights Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Submarine's talented director Richard Ayoade.

That is where The Watch is supposed to let itself loose and to start entertaining the audience with its promising concept. Unfortunately, without knowing whether it is supposed to be a funny sci-fi adventure, buddy comedy or a nasty teenage-gag comedy, the movie becomes a soulless and chaotic picture. It remains a real mystery whether Seth Rogen's script is weak or Akiva Schaffer's direction is poor, but The Watch is very uneven and uninteresting. Filled with unnecessary parts (such as Ben Stiller's sterility issues) or absurd twists (Richard Ayoade's role), Schaffer's movie gets totally lost in its own mediocrity and inability to entertain.

Nothing seems to work in The Watch, except for the cast. Yet, even those talented and comedy-acclaimed actors, who have proven that each of them is capable of making the audience laugh, find it extremely difficult to deliver hilarious performances. They are suffocated by the limitations of the script, as the only fun delivered in the movies is by several nasty penis-related jokes.

In conclusion, The Watch is not a disaster, but definitely a poor movie. It surely has several good jokes and many might even consider it a lazy way to spend a Sunday evening. Still, given its cast, given its screenwriter and the potential of the initial concept, The Watch remains a huge disappointment.