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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard(2013)

A Good Day to Die Hard is definitely not a good way to continue or to finish such a famous and beloved franchise as Die Hard. A big and loud return of the franchise to its R-rated roots, this fifth installment is shallow, improbable and miles away from the classic Die Hard movie?. With absurd story this movie is a relatively entertaining fast-paced action which has nothing more to offer than the charismatic Bruce Willis.

Frankly speaking, after the third and fourth installments, the level of the Die Hard franchise was set so high that it seemed almost impossible for this latest delivery to top the initial expectations. For the first time, the story takes place outside the US and the destination for the non-stop action is Russia. With his typical John McClane-look (though a bit older and wiser), Bruce Willis gets involved in the politics game in Russia. Despite the overall criticism, it must be confessed that in terms of action sequel, car chases and helicopters destroying a whole building, John Moore's movie is a fine and entertaining movie. Willis is very solid and as entertaining as ever, even the melodramatic relationship issues with his son, does not damage his character.

Unfortunately, what went wrong with A Good Day to Die Hard is the team behind Bruce Willis. Neither director John Moore, nor the screenwriters Skip Woods and Roderick Thorp (in fact I just learned their names, because I was so annoyed by the story, that I wanted to check who was the idiot who wrote it) are at the level of the franchise's previous directors and writers. The inability of the authors of mediocre movies like Hitman and X-Man Wolverine to deliver a logical, captivating and smooth story is shocking. If one is ready to forgive the appearance of an unknown to the audience Jack McClane (we have always known about Molly and Lucy McClane, but never of the son Jack) for the sake of having a reason for Willis to travel to Moscow, the more educated among the audience would be annoyed by the absurd presentation of the Russian political life, the Chernobyl disaster and the facts around it. The whole script seems more suitable for a low-budget B movie like Hitman, than for a Die Hard delivery.

In conclusion, A Good Day to Die Hard is the most disappointing movie from the whole franchise. It is not a total bomb as the action sequences and the overall pace are pretty decent, but the impotent and weak story makes this highly anticipated movie a mediocre winter delivery.