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Tom's Review of Memento

10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


The first movie by Christopher Nolan I ever saw was [i]Insomnia[/i], which exceeded my expectations. Then came [i]Batman Begins [/i]and [i]The Prestige[/i], films that I enjoyed more than [i]Insomnia[/i] and became some of my alltime favorites. I however never saw his first real effort as a filmmaker, so I set out to see [i]Memento[/i]. I literally just got done watching it about 20 minutes ago and I just had to talk about it. I thought it was easily one of the best crime-dramas I've ever seen and one of the best overall films I've ever seen. The backwards narrative, the plot twists, and the established characters all made it very enjoyable. I found it very easy to become engrossed in Leonard's life and feel sorrow for him and his predicament. I saw how easily manipulated he is and how little he actually knows about his life. When I started the movie I knew pretty much what the plot was: guy who has short term memory loss tries to get revenge on his wife's killer. I never knew that the twist in the end would be so great and completely change they way you feel about the characters. Christopher Nolan can do no wrong and [i]Memento[/i] is one of the films that exemplifies that.