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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Machete is true to its genre and timeline and never veers off course. In order for a movie to be good, it has to entertain. In order for a movie to be reviewed well, it has to achieve all of its personal goals which Machete does very well. Robert Rodriguez once again mimicks the Grindhouse experience which demands sex, violence, and gore in an extreme and unusual manner. Unfortunately, it doesn't come without its flaws. I felt the immigration issue, which is basically the only plot in the film completly betrayed the B movie feel and ultimately watered down an almost perfect experience. Its almost as if rodriguez forgot he was directing a movie which falls into the category of the ridiculous and decided it needed to have a reason. That would be okay if the idea was interested or portayed in an interesting manner. Of course this is not the case, which begets endless amounts of boring dialouge that is a real buzz kill. I constantly had to switch my brain from mindless blood orgy mode to "The View". In addition, the immense amount of characters in the movie could have been divided up into three seperate movies. This leaves Machete feeling rushed and bloated. The ending scene is a testimant to this, as many main characters recieve pathetic and insulting deaths. It never gave me enough time to relate to anyone accept for machete which is a big mistake. In order to feel any gratification for Machete, you need to know the people whos heads are lopping off one by one to even give a damn. If you dont, then the enjoyment of killings vanish within short time. Although this movie had many flaws, i feel most of them stay true to the grindhouse experience. Although this is a cheap exusue for directors to take short cuts, i feel the movie lived up to its name and then some.