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Machete is true to its genre and timeline and never veers off course. In order for a movie to be good, it has to entertain. In order for a movie to be reviewed well, it has to achieve all of its personal goals which Machete does very well. Robert Rodriguez once again mimicks the Grindhouse experience which demands sex, violence, and gore in an extreme and unusual manner. Unfortunately, it doesn't come without its flaws. I felt the immigration issue, which is basically the only plot in the film completly betrayed the B movie feel and ultimately watered down an almost perfect experience. Its almost as if rodriguez forgot he was directing a movie which falls into the category of the ridiculous and decided it needed to have a reason. That would be okay if the idea was interested or portayed in an interesting manner. Of course this is not the case, which begets endless amounts of boring dialouge that is a real buzz kill. I constantly had to switch my brain from mindless blood orgy mode to "The View". In addition, the immense amount of characters in the movie could have been divided up into three seperate movies. This leaves Machete feeling rushed and bloated. The ending scene is a testimant to this, as many main characters recieve pathetic and insulting deaths. It never gave me enough time to relate to anyone accept for machete which is a big mistake. In order to feel any gratification for Machete, you need to know the people whos heads are lopping off one by one to even give a damn. If you dont, then the enjoyment of killings vanish within short time. Although this movie had many flaws, i feel most of them stay true to the grindhouse experience. Although this is a cheap exusue for directors to take short cuts, i feel the movie lived up to its name and then some.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

Tarantinos best film to date. Its the unpredictability that is really engaging in this film. One moment could seem entirely innocent and then a secound later it could do a 360 degree turn around. The diaolog is legendary, violence comical, and characters engrossing. Truly one of the most original films around. Even though this film is quite long, quentin never left the possibility of a dull moment. Not to mention the attention to detail, and movie references is very impressive. From tarantino's favorite B movie posters in the background of jack rabbit slims, to unecessary side characters which add or removie obastacles in the storyline. Example: did they really need advice on how to clean a car from the wolf? i dont think so, but its still entertaining.

Inglourious Basterds

This movie is 100% flawless from an entertainment point of view. It has suspense, action, violence, gore, comedy, an original concept and interesting characters. This movie is so strange and refreshingly original, its almost too much to handle. This movie caught me off gaurd several times. A scene which seem's completly innocent spins in an entirely different direction before you can blink. One character in the film took me completly off gaurd, changing his persona drasticly. It was like a kitten turning into a pitbull. And its not just landa im talking about. In this movie, theres nothing special about the main characters in a sense where anyone can die. If you go see this movie you will be emerrsed in the universe of tarantino, and leave a slightly different person. Not quentins's best flick, but most entertaining by a long shot.

Hostel Part II

I felt hostel 2 was both good and bad in its own way. I love gore but there always has to be more than constant killings like the old slashers films from friday the 13th and so on. This is why the first hostel was a success, the story was intresting. the 2nd was still good on the other hand becasue even though i felt the story was not fully explained atleast it revealed more of the bad guys side. The first only showed the perspective of the good and left the rest for people to ponder about. Im not saying thats bad but i wanted to know a little more about the elite hunting organiztion which for the most part was done by the sequel. I think hostel 2 deserves more than its got from some of the past reviews i have read. people set there minds on the original and do not open up to the sequels becasue their expectations are so high since the first amazed them. When they see its all the same crap its not as intresting which fools them into thinking the first was much better. Some sequels like the butterfly effect 2 for example prove my theory wrong but i still firmly belive in that. Some things i would change in hostel 2 was the dialog. It sucked and i think thats all i need to say. Another though was the scene with the heads in the closet room should have shown the head of the original main character ( paxton i belive ) from the first hostel. I was wondering why those heads were so important. Little things like that in a movie bug me but i guess it gets people intrested into watching the next movie.