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Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee(2006)

"Nanny Mchpee"
Review By: Doug Nau


Directed by: Kirk Jones

Produced by: Lindsay Doran
Tim Bevan
Eric Fellner

Written by: (Screenplay)
Emma Thompson

Based on the "Nurse Matilda" Books by: Christianna Brand

Starring: Emma Thompson
Colin Firth
Angela Lansbury
Kelly MacDonald
Celia Imrie
Imelda Staunton
Derek Jacobi
Patrick Barlow
Thomas Sangster
Eliza Bennett
Jennifer Rae Daykin
RaphaŽl Coleman
Samuel Honywood
Holly Gibbs
Hebe and Zinnia Barnes as Agatha

Score Composed by: Patrick Doyle

Nanny Mcphee based on the "Nurse Matilda" books by Christiana Brand is about a widow father named Cedric Brown, of seven ill-behaved children who've already chased away 17 nannies. But when a mysterious voice tells Mr.Brown to hire Nanny Mcphee (Emma Thompson), she arrives at the Brown's home and teaches the kids to learned how to behave properly. Then Great-Aunt Adelaide(Colin Firth) tells him he must be married by the end of the month or she'll separate the children, he tries to find women but they were all chased away by his children, due to their belief all stepmothers are evil like Lady Termaine in the fairy tale Cinderella. Not realizing the consequences of their behavior, so the kids go to Selma Quickly(Celia Imrie) and admit what they did and ask to give a second chance and they will be married. Will the kid really find the perfect woman for their father?

The Story, although very similar to Mary Poppins-esque type of fare but without singing and dancing. It still is very creative and fresh take on the same story that is more wittier and considerably darker then Mary Poppins but still manages to delights and charms, while teaching some valuable lessons. Emma Thompson is amazing she not only wrote the screenplay for the movie but also starred in the title role of Nanny Mcphee and she absolutely nails the character so brilliantly. The rest of the cast are all very strong including Anglea Lansbury as Great-Aunt Adelade, Colin Frith as Cedric Browns, and Kelly MacDonald as Evangeline. The kids all did a very good job too!

The costumes and sets are visual eye-candy and colorful. The film was very lovely shot and so great to look at! The score composed by Patrick Doyle is so sprightly enchanting and fits very well with the English country side victorian setting. One of his best work I've heard of his. My favorite tracks from the soundtrack are "They've Eaten the Baby", "No More Nannies", "A Clockwork Mouse", "I Did Knock!", "Measle Medicine", "Soup De Jour", "Lord of the Donkey", "Kites in the sky", "Bees and Cakes", and "Snow in August".

So Overall, this is one of the best family movie I've ever seen, its so heartwarming, witty, and magical. Emma Thompson is magic on screen and on paper. It really shows her gift of storytelling and talent as a performer. The sets and costumes are so colorful and lavishly beautiful. This is the new Mary Poppins put still charms and delights children as well adults.

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