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Nanny McPhee Returns

Nanny McPhee Returns(2010)

"Nanny Mcphee Returns" (also known as Nanny Mcphee and The Big Bang)
Review by: Doug Nau

Rating: *****/5

Directed by: Susanna White

Produced by: Tim Bevan
Eric Fellner
Lindsay Doran

Screenplay by: Emma Thompson

Based on the "Nurse Matilda" Books by: Christianna Brand

Starring: Emma Thompson
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Asa Butterfield
Lil Woods
Oscar Steer
Ralph Fiennes
Rhys Ifans
Maggie Smith
Sam Kelly
Ewan McGregor
Eros Vlahos
Rosie Taylor-Ritson
Sinead Matthews
Katy Brand
Bill Bailey
Nonso Anozie
Daniel Mays

Score Composed by: James Newton Howard

In the newest installment of Nanny Mcphee takes us to a struggling mother, named Isabell Green (Maggig Gyllenhaal), who's husband is overseas fighting a War. She lives in a scenic valley with two sons and one daughter; Norman (Asa butterfield), Megsie (Lil Woods), and Vincent (Oscar Steer). So when their two spoiled cousins, Cyril (Eros Vlahos), and Celia (Rosie Taylor-Ritson) are sent to live on their farm and another war is being fought between the two sets of children. As the situation quickly gets out of hands, Nanny Mcphee (Emma Thompson) suddenly brings much- needed sense of order to this out of control household. In time, she does just that using magic to teach the children the importance of getting along, and gradually winning their trust in the process. But when the piglets escape from their stall, kids must work together to recover the family farm's most-valued assets or risk losing everything their father worked so hard to build before he went off to War. (Buchanan)

The story now takes place in the 20th century, with World war II as the settings backdrop for the story. which I thought was smart as well as touching. As it gives the movie a more realistic tone and new meaning into Nanny Mcphee's 5 lesson, much different from the original's whimsical and silly atmosphere. All the improvements worked to the movie, because it doesn't strive to be like the original, so in a way its a sequel that stands on its own to feet while still maintaining the essentials of the first film. It's even got me excited as to what Emma Thompson will have in store for the third movie. For those who haven't seen the original do not need watch the previous film to enjoy this new film. Although I highly recommend you eventually do see the first after or before if you want to.

Ms. Emma Thompson is once again fantastic as Nanny Mcphee, need i explain more but i just love her that much. anyways the childs actors who played the Green children and Gray children were all great as well. other worthy performances included Maggie Gyllenhaal, who was especially wonderful in this movie. I also quite liked Maggie Smith, she was quite funny and I love who her character ends up being an now elderly woman "Baby Agatha Brown" from the first. The original score for the first film was composed by Patrick Doyle, but this film is this time composed by James Newton Howard and its his most beautiful work I've ever heard. He keeps the original's whimsical and sprightly energy, while still keeping the score fresh and original. My favorite tracks from the soundtrack are "Coping Very Well", "The Person You Need", "The British Museum of Poo", "Small c, Big P", "Stop Fighting Immediately", "Animals on the stairs", "Pursuit of the Piglets", "Synchronized Stouts", "Triumphant Trapper", "Phil's Contract", "Speeding Through London", "The Blue Wire", "An Explosion-Free Day", "The Burp heard 'Round the World", "The Harvest", "Leaps of Faith", and "Animated Titles".

So overall, Emma Thompson has done it again! The new film is ever bit as magical, witty, and charming as the first; were all excellent including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maggie Smith, and all the child actors and of course the standout Emma Thompson delivers yet another brilliant performance. I would say this is by far my favorite Nanny Mcphee movie and one I highly recommend it to not only for fans of the first; if they have open minds to not compare it to the first and jut sit back and enjoy it, and anyone who hasn't seen the original.

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