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Halloween (2007)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=Times New Roman][size=3]Halloween has itself a legacy and it seems today that everyone goes overboard when somebody wants to remake or add to this legacy fearing that the original will be ruined. It blindsides me how people can be so judgmental about this film before it's release even though there have been seven horrible sequels that for me ruined the legacy of Halloween. Rob Zombie?s remake does not pose as the original like the remakes for The Omen or The Grudge it has it's own unique take on a classic character.[/size][/font]

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[font=Times New Roman][size=3]People seem to have a pretty prejudice feeling for remakes because almost every message board I go to when one is announced is always flocking with negative posts on how it will ruin the original. Remakes have existed since the time of ancient Rome however as most plays salvaged from that period are simply Greek plays with different characters or slight tweaks in the story thus a remake. I feel this is one of the better remakes up there alongside Dawn Of The Dead, The Amityville Horror, and The Hills Have Eyes.[/size][/font]

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[font=Times New Roman][size=3]The acting I felt was I most cases very good and very convincing although certain characters are very cliché. Sheri Moon does an amazing job playing Michael's gutterslut mom who isn't at fault for where her life has[/size][/font]

[font=Times New Roman][size=3]brought her. She is the character you sympathize the most for as she does all she can to keep her family together, works all the time as a stripper because her dead beat husband won't do anything, and when Michael finally kills it breaks her down even more as all she's left with is her murdering son and her 8 month old or so daughter. Daeg ferch who plays young Michael has some line delivery problems but when acting with just facial expression or body expression he is the perfect Michael Myers as he is simply eerie to look at. The teenage characters with the exception of Laurie Strode are very cliché "bad" girls who are of course drinking and having sex throughout most of the film and no most of them cannot act very well however they are minimal characters so it doesn't take much from the overall picture. Malcolm MacDowell plays an interesting yet very underdeveloped child psychologist who after 17 years working with Michael decides to quit on him and move on however when Michael escapes he returns to prevent the death of Laurie Strode which at first is not Michael's plan.[/size][/font]

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[font=Times New Roman][size=3]The story is very interesting yet straightforward there are no twists and turns just a simple plot and one storyline. Rob uses all the scores from the original throughout the film to build suspense and surprisingly it works very well. The blood and gore which some would expect to dominate the movie works very well as it's not just a hack/slash film like any of the Friday The 13th, or Nightmare On Elm Street sequels. Rob uses suspense to build up the act of the murder and much like the film seven shows mostly the aftermath and not the kill. It's not the blood or gore that is meant to scare you though, what is meant to scare you is the violence which is terrifying because of it's realism and how relentless Michael is with that knife. The kills make you feel uneasy not sick to your stomach but very uneasy as you can put yourself in the victim?s position much like Saw. [/size][/font]

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[font=Times New Roman][size=3]The remake seems to have a lot more depth than the original not that it's better but I honestly feel it's a pretty worthy addition to the franchise far more worthy than any of the 7 pathetic hack/slash sequels. Halloween is what Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning should have been a deep, frightening back story that dives in to the killers before and after personas and gives us reason and the ability to see why he does what he does. If you have a weak stomach I guarantee you won't like this film not due to the gore but again to the realism of deplorable acts in this film there is a very realistic rape scene that will make you feel angry and uneasy at the same time and I know many who were outraged by the one in The Hills Have Eyes so any of you out there offended by that please do not see this film. If however you are looking for what today is a rare breed a good horror movie with an actual plot than see Halloween immediately because trust me it is the best slasher I?ve seen in years and a shockingly scary good time.[/size][/font]

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3 (2007)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

To be as blunt and as fair as i can be if you liked the first two you'll like this one. Rush Hour has always to me been a fun buddy cop movie perfect for a lazy night at home, i've never deemed it masterful, or bad but it's just one of those good hearted, harmless, movies that are there just to have a good time. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are back and still bring to the table what they brought in the first two only this time they play off of each other a lot better.

The martial arts is a little more comical this time around versus the well choreographed fights in the first two this time with a very Kung Fu Hustle feel. Of course it wouldn't be Rush Hour without stereotypical humour and man do the asians get lampooned by every stereotype in the book. It is however all in good fun non of it is mean to be offensive and it clearly isn't intending to be mean or illspirited.

The franchise should end with this film because while the humour is enjoyable and the kung fu is fun you begin to wonder what the piont is and it shouldn't take you more than three movies to figure out that there is no point. Brett Ratner is trying to publicise his name now after the stunning success of X-Men: The Last Stand like it or not that baby made mega cash and i think Rush Hour 3 should be his last stab at his franchise because step one in making your name well known to everyone but pi$$ed of X-Men fans is gonna be hard to do when you make nothing but rehashed sequels to every film you do.

I liked the movie for what it was a harmless buddy comedy filled with it's genre cliches, over the top humour, and hilarious antics. Is the movie good? well i would say no not really is it good for what it is? absolutley it's a great popcorn flick to see with your friends and have a good laugh. Hating this movie is like hating Dumb and Dumber or Austin Powers it's just so damn hard to do. The slapstick and loud mouth humour are most of the reasons to see the film that and the sometimes cool sometimes ridiculous martial arts sequences as well.

Rush Hour 3 is just fun plain and simple it's enjoyable for what it is and doesn't pretend to be a bigger movie than it is, unlike many of the years blockbusters. If you're going on a major rant about how much you hated the campyness than you really are wasting your time because Rush Hour 3 is easily forgetable.

The Simpsons Movie
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

After viewing some brutally unfunny previews filled with completley overexaggerated physical humour i felt that The Simpsons movie would try to hard to be funny however Simpsons fans will not walk out of the theatre angry but quite impressed. The series has been losing steam for awhile but this past season was showing signs of major improvement and the feature film also shows that The Simpsons may have been down but are definatly not out.

The movie begins with a very unsteady plot it seems for the first few minutes that the movie is a just a ton of funny scenes but not linked to any real plot but the plot soon becomes clear and the writers don't pull a Family Guy and remain following one specific plotline rather than going into eight sub plots i.e. Family Guy as of late.

My complaints lie within the fact that while the jokes are funny they seem like any character could have said them and it would be funny the movie seemed to lack character humour and there are no bigger or better characters than that of The Simpsons. I was expecting a lot of homage to previoes episodes and while there is quite a bit i'm never really satisfied with the overall way some of the characters were included. The one liners are often laugh out loud hilarious my personal favourite from Mr.Burns whose line "So for once the rich white man is in charge" is so funny it makes you sad that it is his only appearance in the film.

The plot was surprisingly well structured and easily gave the writers a lot to work with but it just seems that they didn't do as much as they could of, maybe my expectations were too high as a long term simpsons fan. Nevertheless the movie is full of hilarity and you simply feel bad complaining about because The Simpsons have worked their @$$ess off fo 18 years and certainly earned the right to make this movie. I was praying for a Frank Grimes cameo but unfortunatly that didn't happen lol. For those of you who laugh out loud every sunday and have laughed out loud since the beginning you will laugh out loud at this very funny movie but you may be disappointed at the lack of character humour or appearances.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[b]My favourite of the films thus far has been The Chamber Of Secrets due to it's dark, omnious, storytelling, and amazing special effects but the very beginning of The Order Of The Phoenix made me second guess myself. The movie dives right into to the plot and story with a much faster and more intense pace than the previous films which basically start from scratch with Harry living with his muggle parents, and going off to Hogwarts so i was pleased to see some differance in the order of the storytelling. Right from the get go Harry Potter is full of haunting surprises and fast paced action that definatly gets you ready and interested for what is to follow. [/b]

[b]The movie wastes no time dragging out certain scenes we no longer have to sit through another fifteen minute feast in which Dumbledore announces the new staff, director David Yates manages to get that out of the way within five minutes and gets right back in to developig this story and not finishing the last one off. Order Of The Phoenix is less focused on Hogwarts and fantasy like mysticism and more focused on the dark rise of Voldemort so we have no quidditch, or magic classes, a lot of the childish fantasy like feel has disappeared as were left with a darker more adult tone which i feel is good since the previous four were very focused on the magic of Hogwarts.[/b]

[b]The storyline is very intense and very fast paced with a lot of anger in the performances everyone is passionate an serious there is very little comic relief. The cinematography is a lot darker and very blue in terms of colour temperature and the special effects are great except for the very noticeable CGI in many parts. The films problem is it focuses too much on the intensity and the dramatic build up to a very unsatisfactory climax that leaves wanting much much more. The action while very well made visually is lacking in length and Sirious Black is in the film very little making his death seem much more unimportant than it is supposed to be. The storyline gets lost amongst the intensity of the actors because according to this movie the only significant storyline is that Voldemort is rising and the wizards must secretly prepare for war against the ministry of magics will but i'm sure there is a lot more to it than that.[/b]

[b]Overall Order Of The Phoenix has very little significance to the overall story, and builds up an unsatisfactory ending. However it is watchable for the great performances, lack of drag on scenes, darker undertones, and fantastic special effects.[/b]

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer delivered for the most part what it promised to deliver and that was fun. The original movie most critics hated and most fans were luke warm i enjoyed but i could clerly see the flaws within the first movie. Fantastic Four lacked action, good visuals, and just plain entertainment it tried to become a movie about the Fantastic Four living a troubled media life not the Fantastic Four kicking ass and taking names.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer corrects most of those mistakes as it features awesome action, spectacular visual effects, and makes for great entertainment but the glue of any movie i.e. the script isn't so hot and neither are a few things.

The dialogue throughout most of the film is alright it's the whole order of events and lack of explanation that the script is weak on. Dr.Doom's return is great i love seeing Julian McMahon as Marvel's main baddy but they had no plausible way to bring him back and just pretend that his return is due to something he knows but is keeping secret. The acting is half and half Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans are awesome they manage to be funny, energetic, and cool but Jessica Alba and especially Ioan Gruffudd cannot get through a conversation without bad line delivery. Alba speaks very ditsy which is annoying she's says her lines as if everything has a question mark on the end of it, and Gruffudd is boring, monotoned, and gives worse overacting than that of the shows on Disney Channel.

The visual effects are beautiful and the CGI is very well used particularily on the flawless Silver Surfer, not too unrealisitic, not too boring a perfect hit for the CGI. Same goes for the bright backrounds and beautiful landscapes, New York City is shot almost exactly the same beautiful way it was shot in Spiderman 2. The action is very well choreographed and spread apart in a very decent manner.

The Silver Surfer is mysterious and awesome he doesn't get shunned like Venom trust me fans he gets a very good amount of screen time and causes a whole lot of mayhem with it. The storyline is very out there and requires a lot of suspension of disbelief unfortunatly too much in my opinion. When i read comic books i hated when they got into intergalactic parellell universes, and alternate galaxies and Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer does just that.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer is a very good family film it's not too violent, and it's not too tame it's a very happy medium. For those looking for an intelligent comic book movie like Batman Begins or Sin City don't bother with this but for those expecting an exciting, and entertaining thrillride surf your way over to see this movie.