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Sherlock Holmes
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The case Holmes is on doesn't give any information to the audience, thus making it a by-the-numbers movie.

When seeing Sherlock Holmes, one would expect a certain level of mystery and guessing games with the film leaving clues up until the climax. Sure, the audience does see things and the camera does focus on certain elements that Sherlock has already pieced together but waits until the end to come out with how it all went down. Most mysteries accomplish getting the audience involved from scene to scene, by letting the character deduce what the audience is seeing and then following up their conclusions with further investigation based on a lead or hunch. Sherlock just seems to go with the motions, fight and chase scenes as he keeps all this information to himself. We know who the bad guy is, we know what he is trying to do but we go through the motions anyway. I don't think the audience could possibly piece together the story just based on the information given in the movie, alone.

The acting is fantastic and thats all this movie has to stand on. However, It still did not stop me from nodding off in the theater waiting for the movie to be over.

If you want suspense, mystery and fresh action your going to be dissapointed with a boring story, a mottled case and action scenes that feel all too familiar.

Avatar (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I went to Avatar expecting something totally original and ground-breaking. I was dissapointed. I will not give away any spoilers during this review so please feel safe to read on.

The acting was great, (minus a few hoaky one-liners) but the CGI characters actually show more emotion than their human counterparts. Pretty effective in showing the humanity in an Alien race.

The special effects were amazing and the attention to detail of Pandora is astounding, however I felt like we have have seen the environment, monsters, aliens and other parts of Pandora in Star Wars before.

The story was original...enough. It shadows 'The Matrix' and 'Ferngully' a whole bunch, with some obvious character choices to the CGI characters to make them resemble and sound like Native Americans. 'Dances with Wolves', 'The Last Mohican and a few others have done this exact story before.

All of these observations do not by any means make this a bad movie. I actually enjoyed it, but I just was not as moved as I thought I was going to be like I was with other films this year.

It is by far superior to other SPFX laden movies like 'Transoformers' and I dont think anyone who goes to see this will call it a bad film.