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I Know Who Killed Me
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The plot is weak and confusing, the acting is very "MTV" like all of Lindsey Lohan's performances, and the movie is just plain boring. The sets and directing of the movie are good, so props to the director for making a sharp looking movie, but it's just all around not a good thriller. The story has potential, but it was written in a very confusing manner, which makes my attention span give up. Avoid it at all costs because there is not much positive things that can be said about this movie.

Bloody Wednesday
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There is one thing to keep in mind while watching this movie: it is a B movie from the 1980's. The plot is fascinating and well paced as we watch a man slowly lose his mind while he talks to a teddy bear and see's ghosts in his brother's hotel. The movie is based on the 1984 massacre in a San Diego McDonalds.
That is the end of what I liked about the film. The effects are horrible (remember, b movie) and some of the scares are cheesy and dumb. The acting is a little stale and bland as well (Raymond Elmendorf over acts and acts like he doesn't know how to be afraid). I think some producer should watch this film and hire a director and writer to modernize it because the story has great potential to be a great film. I think someone like Scorsese or Nolan could make a masterpiece out of this and really give the story justice and someone like DiCaprio or Depp could give the character of Harry great depth. They have experience playing troubled characters who drive a film forward. This film had potential, but apparently lacked funding. Redone, this could be the 20teens version of The Shining.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump (1994)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is so touching. Tom Hanks drives home the performance of his career playing a dim witted, yet lovable simpleton. This movie is probably the most re-watchable film ever created because it has a smorgasboard of genres, and that makes it enjoyable for the majority of film lovers. It is predominantly a drama about a man finding his way through life and overcoming his disabilities and bullies. There is a romance undertone as he is chasing the love of his life, Jenny (Robin Wright gives a wonderful performance), and how they grow up together with a sexual tension. There are great comedic relief moments, mostly given through Forrest's oblivious personality and his friend Bubba's (hilarious performance by Mykelti Williamson) love of shrimp. There are also historical references and a quarter of the film is a war movie, so this film has a little something for everybody. These constant transitions of life long tale keeps the somewhat long film interesting, and I never could find any fault with it. I recommend it to everyone.

Reggie's Prayer
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I admit, I was worried this movie would suck. As a Christian, I love to see my faith in music and movies, but Christian movies usually are very low quality. Facing the Giants and Fireproof were good, but those are the exceptions. However, I loved this movie.
The quality is low in several places, but the story keeps this movie gripping. Some of the actors were pretty bad, but cameos from football players like Brett Favre made that excusable because they aren't trained actors, and it was fun trying to spot them! Reggie White was actually not a half bad actor, not star material, but good supporting actor material. Pat Morita (of Mr. Miyagi fame) was in the movie as well, and he was amusing as usual. The two Lincoln brothers (Played by Marc Anthony Samuel and Emmanuel Brown) were also very enticing characters.
The story was where this move succeeded. I expected more football, which was a disappointment that there wasn't much, but it is actually a thrilling story of a boy who is caught up in a crime ring and watches his world crash around him. It was one caring teacher and coach who took interest in him and fought to save him. The moral of the tale is that we need to reach out to the youth and take a special interest in them, and lean on God for protection.
There are a few issues with the film. As stated before, the acting is a little off and the special effects are bad. The movie is from 1996, so this is no Inception, but even for '96 things are still a little bad. However, its an exciting movie with a positive message. So not is all lost and it's a fun movie.

Inception (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Is there anything wrong with this film? Great acting by my main man DiCarpio and cast, great story by Mr. Christopher Nolan, and mind blowing special effects. This movie is flawless in my eyes and what I like best is that you could watch it 5-10 times and notice something or understand a concept that you never noticed before. It's smart and very complex, action packed, and great eye candy. Usually a complex, smart storyline suffers from being somewhat boring, but this isn't the case. It's A Beautiful Mind meets James Bond meets The Terminator.
If there is some reason that people wouldn't like it, it's long (but I thought the action makes the length unnoticeable), somewhat hard to follow the first time around if you didn't pay attention (Luckily I did, but some friends didn't), and a little fringe for the people that refuse to think outside the box. I know people that refuse to go outside the realm of normality, not a very good "movie" mindset, but those people do exist. However, I thought non of these things really hurt the film for me.