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2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


GOR is about a nerdy professor (Urbano Barberini) who inadvertently triggers a magic ring that teleports him to Gor, a fantastical land plagued by evil rulers and bad costume designers. Professor Tarl (yes Tarl, as in Karl with a "T"...very sci-fi) is forced to grow a pair and free the enslaved masses from the evil despot Sarm (that's Sam with an "R" thrown in for good measure.) Sarm is played by Oliver Reed. Oliver Reed looks fabuulooooousss. I have no idea why he's in this film, but I will say that the man earns his paycheck. He delivers his lines as if they were from a decent script in a good movie. As if GOR was being filmed by a competent director. As if he was sharing screen time with actors as professional and talented as himself.

Okay. Jack Palance is also in the flick...for about three minutes, apparently fulfilling some minimal obligation required by his contract. I haven't mentioned Jack Palance before this because, despite his hefty billing in the opening credits, he's about as essential to this movie as Jack the Ripper. Palance makes his first appearance just before the end credits. His storyline is so tangential, I'm inclined to think it was spliced onto GOR from another movie. But it can't have been, I guess, because a few of the actors from the beginning of the film are standing next to him.

GOR is directed by Fritz Kiersch - and by "directed" I mean Kiersch likely sat behind the camera, perhaps even while it was on. I say this to distinguish Kiersch from someone who exhibits talent.