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[REC] 3 Genesis

[REC] 3 Genesis(2012)

REC 3 GENESIS is a departure from the intensely engaging faux-documentary format of REC and REC 2. After the first twenty minutes, which serves as an introduction to the film's characters with two newlyweds marrying one another and celebrating with their entire families at the massive mansion reception, the film's camera style turns to the traditional high-res film format once the excrement hits the fan and gruesome zombie bloodletting follows suit.

In a positive light, the cast makes the situation entirely credible and the film's simple story of a bride and groom reuniting after becoming separated after the reception became a bloodbath is tense and touching.

The comedy found within GENESIS is very dark and horror film enthusiasts will definitely get the film's bloody and over-the-top sense of black humor. For example, when the bride steps up and becomes a female Ash (a la EVIL DEAD series), the tone veers in-between dead-serious zombie horror and crudely-handled zom-com horror with the kills she pulls off and other assorted instances. The first few kills when she steps up are quite bad-ass, but at one key moment she slips into her former persona to a lesser degree.

It can be considered commendable for writer/director Paco Plaza to shake up the tested and true format of the REC series by mixing the dead-serious zombie horror tone with a dark comedic edge. Yet the film's fast pace and the series' credibility as a finely-honed horror series suffers as a result. Even at 77 minutes, folks.

That being said, the special effects in the zombie and gore department are extremely well-executed, as the audience does not question at any time the plausibility of the effects looking 'fake' or the zombies looking 'dated'. In those departments, the REC series has and does excel still here.

At face value, REC 3 GENESIS is a dead-serious Spanish zombie horror film that veers away from the franchise's roots of its faux-documentary filmmaking format and inserts instead a traditional filmmaking format, along with the story hitting uneven tones of dark horror comedy throughout. The cast sells the simple story, and the special effects in the make-up and gore department are requisitely excellent. Yet ultimately if you're a purist for the first two REC movies, then you'll likely not like GENESIS. If you are a horror fan that doesn't mind a little bit of change, then go on ahead and see it. If you're new to the horror genre, then see the first two films to prepare you for this one. And see all the classics, like many horror film aficionados have done, like me, already. GENESIS isn't as refined or memorable as REC and REC 2 but it is, in refinement's place, just enjoyable.