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The Hurt Locker
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

So overrated dont know where to start. The politics in this film and why it was given so much credit is beyond ridiculous. More empathy for the billions in the war we , yes, we, are paying for. The drama is gripping, as well as the aggression and frustration of the overall situation presented accurately. Though the mystery behind who was trained to develop these bombs, the underlying truth of covert CIA cover ups or just the truth in relation to how this region in the world became so deadly, is not uncovered. We can assume the death and distruction is from those who are violent killers, but we are not in Germany, these villains are not nazis, the enemy is poor, destitute, displaced, enraged and more than likely 3rd generation soldier. Our compassion for those involved on our side is compelling, but lacking the true purpose behind the mind of suicide. Need a real account of this tragic war, look to the HBO mini series 'Generation Kill'.

Alice in Wonderland
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Stepping through the looking glass of our big budget movie circus, has taken a toll, literally. If one would like to enjoy a journey while seated with wondrous goodies full of flavour and sugar, you can, for a price of course. Though I warn you this film is not that delightful joy delivered in past classics such as A Never Ending Story or Labyrinth. Instead the screen of magic drools computer graphics and air brushed mechanics. There is a strange taste of Narnia with a dry dark twist. A replica of the original Alice, repeated for the art I suppose. I found my time to be lost for the sake of a poor script. The characters showed up in grande detail, only to be eye candy for our attention. The initial surprise and intrigue from before, is of a time when movie magic passed away.

Paranormal Activity
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

On different occasions I've seen or felt the presence of a ghost and a demon. This movie is a dramatic tale of such an event filmed as a documentary. The case to argue is that rarely do we confirm such cases , nor do we bring it up in conversation. To finally have a production come to the big screen is a delight. Though many are offended that there were few special effects, jumps or jolts, as one would expect from this genre. I believe the problem with the audience is they are trained for an advanced version of fear. I cannot relate to my best friend being a secret college campus killer, or have I ever taken a wrong turn and fell victim to a vampire or a mercelius cannibal family. Though I have woken up in the middle of the night knowing I wasn't alone. Bravo for all who were involved in this film. For those who just couldn't relate, you're the lucky ones, trust me.

Zombieland (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

How is it okay for Jesse Eisenberg to continue ripping off Michael Cera's character from Superbad? Was it a price thing? Is he the walmart version? Our pockets are the profit for these bitter films, or should I say 'biter'=). If we just shrug our shoulders and say, 'relax its just a movie man' well the studios will continue to produce half wit films. There are no serious zombie attacks, the whole plot just lingers, than sticks to a boy meets girl scenario. The narrating is identical to Adventureland and the 'funny' parts are mostly lame. Sure its cool to see another zombie flick hit the screen before Halloween but this movie 'bites' the big one. Glad to see society is still trained to pay for a xerox of a high caliber genre.

How to Train Your Dragon
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Our demographic for these films has been built by the genuine peace we thrive to achieve in our own lives. There is a much needed balance when the other side of the scale is a violent alternative of video games, sports, or just plain killing. The lessons that are shared is this movie enable our hearts to believe in compassion, and to hopefully live it afterwards. While watching this tale I felt an inner joy that I know was shared by everyone who attended. With a great mix of humour and current conflicts shared by new youth, the result is a perfect movie. Look for some serious competition at next years Oscars when Toy Story 3 is also nominated.