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The Hurt Locker

So overrated dont know where to start. The politics in this film and why it was given so much credit is beyond ridiculous. More empathy for the billions in the war we , yes, we, are paying for. The drama is gripping, as well as the aggression and frustration of the overall situation presented accurately. Though the mystery behind who was trained to develop these bombs, the underlying truth of covert CIA cover ups or just the truth in relation to how this region in the world became so deadly, is not uncovered. We can assume the death and distruction is from those who are violent killers, but we are not in Germany, these villains are not nazis, the enemy is poor, destitute, displaced, enraged and more than likely 3rd generation soldier. Our compassion for those involved on our side is compelling, but lacking the true purpose behind the mind of suicide. Need a real account of this tragic war, look to the HBO mini series 'Generation Kill'.

Alice in Wonderland

Stepping through the looking glass of our big budget movie circus, has taken a toll, literally. If one would like to enjoy a journey while seated with wondrous goodies full of flavour and sugar, you can, for a price of course. Though I warn you this film is not that delightful joy delivered in past classics such as A Never Ending Story or Labyrinth. Instead the screen of magic drools computer graphics and air brushed mechanics. There is a strange taste of Narnia with a dry dark twist. A replica of the original Alice, repeated for the art I suppose. I found my time to be lost for the sake of a poor script. The characters showed up in grande detail, only to be eye candy for our attention. The initial surprise and intrigue from before, is of a time when movie magic passed away.

Paranormal Activity

On different occasions I've seen or felt the presence of a ghost and a demon. This movie is a dramatic tale of such an event filmed as a documentary. The case to argue is that rarely do we confirm such cases , nor do we bring it up in conversation. To finally have a production come to the big screen is a delight. Though many are offended that there were few special effects, jumps or jolts, as one would expect from this genre. I believe the problem with the audience is they are trained for an advanced version of fear. I cannot relate to my best friend being a secret college campus killer, or have I ever taken a wrong turn and fell victim to a vampire or a mercelius cannibal family. Though I have woken up in the middle of the night knowing I wasn't alone. Bravo for all who were involved in this film. For those who just couldn't relate, you're the lucky ones, trust me.


How is it okay for Jesse Eisenberg to continue ripping off Michael Cera's character from Superbad? Was it a price thing? Is he the walmart version? Our pockets are the profit for these bitter films, or should I say 'biter'=). If we just shrug our shoulders and say, 'relax its just a movie man' well the studios will continue to produce half wit films. There are no serious zombie attacks, the whole plot just lingers, than sticks to a boy meets girl scenario. The narrating is identical to Adventureland and the 'funny' parts are mostly lame. Sure its cool to see another zombie flick hit the screen before Halloween but this movie 'bites' the big one. Glad to see society is still trained to pay for a xerox of a high caliber genre.

How to Train Your Dragon

Our demographic for these films has been built by the genuine peace we thrive to achieve in our own lives. There is a much needed balance when the other side of the scale is a violent alternative of video games, sports, or just plain killing. The lessons that are shared is this movie enable our hearts to believe in compassion, and to hopefully live it afterwards. While watching this tale I felt an inner joy that I know was shared by everyone who attended. With a great mix of humour and current conflicts shared by new youth, the result is a perfect movie. Look for some serious competition at next years Oscars when Toy Story 3 is also nominated.

Where the Wild Things Are

In an elaborate world of a challenged boy's life, a tale of fear and loneliness unfolds in dramatic detail. To truly appreciate this film, the viewer has to have an artistic perspective. Director Spike Jonze, Editor Eric Zumbrunnen and Lance Acord, director of cinematography, articulated a wonderful story that climbs into your heart and unleashes a perfect storm. Honorable mention Max Records, who in fact plays the young boy Max, is magnificent.


Notch another one in the belt of the Vampire genre. The plot is a chilling reminder what has happend when fresh water and food becomes scarce in developing nations. Though I enjoyed the Underworld trilogy much more than this new blood lust addition, I'm still giving this a thumbs up. It was a fun watch with all types of gore and plenty of cheese.

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

This is NOT an action movie, its a well crafted drama in disguise. Set in a post-mortem corporate genocide, greed has infected the line between humanity and murder. Our organs have become a product and our will to live traded in for a line of credit with a digital mainframe patrolled by Repo Men. Jude Law and Forest Whitaker play their brotherhood out in a perfect cold sublime. Though the fault lies within the lack of suspense. Intertwined with dark humour and excessive gore, the hope to save this film was put into the introduction of a love interest. This attempt failed.

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

Mislead Intel, divided and corrupt officials, a sad but true movie. This is not a Bourne Identity thriller novel of bullets and jump kicks. Green Zone is a suspenseful portrayal of how our American identity became diseased with blind hatred. There are two types of soldiers fighting in Iraq, the ones who are worried about Iraqi families, and the ones who are only worried about their own families. 10 years and two million orphans later the truth comes to the big screen. Too bad it was a fictional tale and nobody was actually held accountable.

Brooklyn's Finest

A dark ransom has been bestowed upon those who encrypt their wallets with drug money. Thank Hollywood the tale of a cop can never be told twice. This catalogue of greed unfolds with a slow violence until the climax drains any hope for inner city peace. Don Cheadle turned a dull script into a sharp gritty drama for any gun and badge fan.

Tropic Thunder

Robert Downey Jr. not only carried the movie, he stabilized it. The gags were as expected and often hilarious. Though there never seemed to be a climax, the rising action simply stayed at a watchable level until the credits. Though you cant deny it, this is a classic!


This comic book sequence of events showcases violence at its gruesome head shot potential. Worth the trip to the theater, but make sure you approach this as a fun summer action flick and not an Oscar nominated drama. Of course there's unbelievable moments, its a movie not a documentary.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight definitely lives up to it's title. In a disturbing sequence of events, the on going saga of Bruce Wayne is directed with a dim lit eye. The late Heath Ledger dominates every scene with a very twisted and intellectual portrayal of 'The Joker'. The original cast has been brought back to assist in this long(2.5 hours)and smooth tale of corruption within the best of both worlds. An encore will be difficult given the fact 'The Joker' made this movie possible. To imagine another actor replacing him would not only be distasteful, it would be impossible. Leave the kids at home for this one folks, this isn't Spiderman.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Brain child of John Cusack and Steve Pink. A group of guys in a hot tub, there's the first warning sign. Dudes doin dude stuff and other dudes, yes other dudes. Disturbing and over done. Its fair to compare this to the Hangover, though this film has way more quality. Mature men who enjoy the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Elton John's greatest hits, Rob Corddry and hangin in hot tubs with dudes. The only credible root of integrity is John Cusack. This is not even close to Old School, but extremely better than Hangover.

Public Enemies

Don't assume its all about John Dillinger, this is a character profile of criminals and police figures alike. The 1930's backdrop gives you the perfect illumination of a critical time in history when America was on her knees. A wonderful music score conveyed the essential emotions for the audience to tie in with each scene perfectly. Director Michael Mann (Heat,Ali) helms a stylishly tight shot film, carving a monumental piece of art. Camouflaged as a summer blockbuster, 'Public Enemies' will no doubt entice a crowd with different expectations. Many will dismiss the talented acting and realistic tone, focusing primarily on the action. Though there are plenty of bullets, this movie accurately portrays the sub conscience aftermath of witnessing death. A timeless encounter that I applaud and highly recommend for anyone who truly appreciates cinematic art.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

GI JOE need I say more? They made the movie, finally! After this long whats the point in picking out the good and bad. Over all the energy never lets up and there is a slick martial arts side story between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. If you ever seriously played Joes in the late 80s and 90s, you'll enjoy this movie. Though if you didnt, you may wanna go watch Harry Potter, or Transformers 2.

The Road
The Road(2009)

The book was given more respect than any film adaptation in the past. Cormac McCarthy won a Pulitzer for this tale, and rightly so, if you had read it you would agree. The slow pace of the film coincided with the pace they were traveling. There is an eerie truth to this story you are compelled to respect. Though the cinematography was lacking from the directors angle, the acting is superb.


The contrast is very similar to the war in the middle east and Africa. Though the story captures our hearts and trails us into a happy ending, the reality has been printed in news papers right before our eyes for decades. Brute force will conquer any indigenous dwelling if there happens to be a mineral deposit of great value under their village. The devastation of Africa, particularly Nigeria and Congo, have been infiltrated with the same means as Pandora. We are all to blame because our computers, cell phones, Ipods and TVs are full of blood metals and minerals. District 9 had an eerie resemblance to how real refugees are handled in Africa as well. We can change them to alien life forms that look like over sized prawns or blue thunder cats, but the hidden message is we are the alien. Our thirst for wealth has crippled not only our personal lives with debt and despair, it has crippled the lives of other nations. We live on the soil of well over 50 million natives who were wiped out so imperialism could form North America. Yes folks this movie is well crafted and you'll surely get your moneys worth. Though when entertainment intertwines so closely with current events, I would hope the immense profit from such a film would help the real casualties. I recently read an article about a child star from Slumdog Millionaire who is still living as the movie depicted, and as of last month was evicted with a bulldozer. Our entertainment is someone else's conflict, how ironic.

The Book of Eli

Loved it! A new top 5 favorite movie for sure. The old school nod to action hasn't been produced since the early 90's. A brilliant cast with a great group of directors and editors. With the increasing cost of entertainment, this was a great investment for enlightenment!

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

This was well worth the wait. True chiliin cop buddy flicks have been replaced with insane slow motion back flip action and distorted dramas. No its not Bad Boys or Die Hard, and Beverly Hills Cop was never as good as Lethal Weapon, but Cop Out is worth the rental and even a Sunday matinee'.

Clash of the Titans

This day and age the movie crowd has been so spoiled they write lame reviews soaked in tears. This is an awesome flick! Fun , fantastic, with amazing cinematography. Sam Worthington was a great cast choice, he is what a lead role entails. The downside of this film would be the rushed approach in delivery and composition. Though with that being said there are house sized scorpions, flying horses, flying bat people, anaconda snake lady and a Godzilla type monster. Don't expect Lord of The Rings cause this movie is Clash of the Titans!

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Steve Carell and Tina Fey are the perfect match for a comedy. I imagine they'll do a sequel to this hit, given they really made a magical movie. A pinch of True Lies, a dash of Get Smart and one cup of Marky Mark's 42inch pecs. Bake on high for 35 to 45 minutes, presto your night is complete. Under 20 minutes? Try another recipe, this theme is for parents, newly weds and older lovers.

Frozen River
Frozen River(2008)

Simply amazing. This is a tale of motherhood and friendship, above all, love. Humanity at her finest. Compelling and gripping, unforgettable.

I Love You Phillip Morris

I do not support the gay movement with pornographic depictions of the lifestyle. My tolerance for such methods in delivering entertainment has run its finish. I am amazed Jim Carey would draw a line like this with his fan base, but he has. I will never look at him the same, its impossible. Along with the supporting cast, this film failed to draw any unique jokes. I was not impressed with this explicitly homosexual themed movie. I may as well have watched an XXX male on male release.


This is what we were waiting for, a line in the road for all theatre goers. On one side you have the numb and dumb, the other side you have the worried. I am on the side of the worried. When I was young, I would have clapped to this.Now I am aware of what is really going on with this media blitz of filth. When do we take a stand and boycott the fast food? Society would eat cancer if it was a chocolate bar, as long as it tasted good.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

If you dont own the pajamas or the toothbrush stay as far away as possible from this cash grab. Not even worth the rental, there was no climax, just a few rising actions. Make matters worse they chop off the end battle. The only action in this dreadful film was when Ron hooked up with some groupie. Shouldn't be called Half Blood Prince it should be titled Half Hacked Book. This movie was a filler film to pave way for the final two. I'm not judging the entire series because of this boring adaptation and I'm also not clapping my hands because Im a fan. As a movie this is not even close, it fails miserably in comparison to any other fantasy film and the rest of the HP films as well.BOOOOOO!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I'm not being picky , Transformers was the bedrock of my youth, but this is plain jane wtf? Lets just have 50 some odd robots bust out in a two hour death match, a little dialogue, some pot jokes and a few sex gestures? I'm not buyin it, this sequel is LAME!!! Cool yes, classic? NO WAY! Michale Bay is at the helm of a new unseen sci-fi genre, but that doesn't mean play up the action and forget the chemistry. The fight scenes were dope, but the character charisma we came to expect from the original wasn't even comparable. The jokes unoriginal and cliche, no real suspense, just a big robot joy ride. Optimus Prime stole the show and made this movie unforgettable. Whenever the high tempo action slowed down, brace for some super super cheesy moments. Taking themselves way too seriously, generating a good laugh instead of any real concern for the bad drama. Predictable, uninspiring , this is a 'prime' example of a sequel that was produced for a pay out. With that being said I'll probably still see this one again in the IMAX and buy the Blu-Ray when it comes out. Curious viewers stay away, it will bore you to the point of checking your watch, die hard fans need only apply.