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No Country for Old Men
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

engrossing and amazingly well made - written, directed, acted. my blood pressure rose from the suspense and tension.

but then...

wassup with the ending? maybe i'm not deep. or maybe i am. but i was like, "no way. you made me sit through two hours of quiet terror to leave me with this?" ya, ya, it's deep, it ties back to the title, it ties to the beginning narrative (which, honestly, by the end, i couldn't even remember), but hell, was it satisfying? no! it was not!

i wasn't looking for a hollywood ending. i don't need good to triumph over evil. i get it. i don't care that the javier bardem character walked away and the angelic wife dies. but i swear, i couldn't have drifted off for more than a nanosecond in the last scene (which also says something about the movie... or me), and then the screen went dark! oh no! crap!

all i know is the following: for me, movies should be entertaining throughout and i should leave satisfied. no country for old men was like torture throughout and i left totally disatisfied.

i give it a 5. even though i didn't "like" it, i can see the film was a 10... until the end, when it turned to a 0.

i swear, i think some people say they like the end so that they can feel deep and superior. really, if you're honest, did you really like that ending? was it really that profound?

note: i haven't felt this way since i saw unbreakable. oh lord. you've got to be kidding?