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A Christmas Story

This movie is flawless. From its dark humor to absolutely wonderful cast, it is the perfect annual christmas movie. Even after seeing it well over fifty times, I still cannot stop laughing. It's only drawback is the amount of language, which is oddly placed for a family movie. But this is an absolute nitpick, as you have to watch it many times to find any problems. Thank God for 24 hours of A Christmas Story!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After walking from the theater, I had to chuckle. A little. Why? Because I swore I had just seen this movie. But then I realize that is because I watched the fifth movie the night before.
No matter how hard this "Harry" tries, with its new plot, older stars and, er, love, its just another Harry Potter movie. Hogwarts is unsafe. Harry attends anyway. Something is wrong. Harry wishes he was normal. Dumbledore warns of disaster. Ron gets "snogged". Something is wrong. Hermione cries. Harry gets a headache. Something is wrong. ZOMBEEEEEEZ. Wizard fight scene. Harry does something important. But...
Something is wrong.
What is it? Maybe it's a lack of originality, but this series is losing its luster. Hopefully, the final two movies (the seventh book is being split) will be, at the least, interesting. And maybe a twist for good measure, too. Something. ANYTHING.


While the plot may be lacking details, "Taken" is one helluva good time, and Neeson is on top.

Land of the Lost

Lacking a coherent story, character development, or anything even remotely funny, "Land of the Lost" is by far Will Ferrell's worst movie and decidedly one of the worst overall movies ever made.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

Five times as good as its predecessor, minor plot flaws do not draw away from the great effects, funny characters and sheer campy excitement of "Smithsonian"