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8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Pink Panther 2

Pink Panther 2(2009)

I think the nation's critics have gas or something. This is a comedy. I don't think they know what that means. I have a feeling most critics out there expect everything to be compared to "Hamlet." What one expects vs. what one gets and then complains about it - especially when they don't pay to see it - is pretty self-obnoxious.

This was a funny film. That's all it had to be. Funny. Period. Not a landmark film, not a testament to talent, just funny. And it is. As if none of the critics who killed this movie laughed is to say they were either sleeping, had a hangover from their alcoholic binges or had it in for Steve Martin. I thought the first one Martin did was funnier - but nonetheless there are a lot of funny bits in this if you pay close attention and given Martin's genius over the years with his writing and performing skills they should have paid closer attention.

Evidently the financial crisis has taken out any sense of humor from the souls of these critics. If you watch a comedy in a bad mood you'll hate it. Period.