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Casablanca (1942)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Why is this movie so loved? Could it be that it stars the greatest legend ever from Hollywood's Golden Age? Yes, that would be Humphrey Bogart. Or how about the most beautiful woman to ever grace film? That would be Ingrid Bergman. Then you have the best supporting cast ever assembled from Claude Rains to Peter Lorre to S.Z. Sakall to Paul Henreid. Oh yeah, it happens to have the finest script ever written. Then there is Max Steiner's beloved score featuring one of the most romantic songs ever showcased on film, "As Time Goes By." Lastly, Casablanca feautres the most memorable scene in film history. You know what it is. Well, there you have the reasons, folks. If you have seen it, chances are you loved it. If you haven't seen it, chances are you are close minded towards classic film. If this is the case, give it a try. You won't regret it.