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Terminator Salvation
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, yes. This was the era of the sagas of reflushes. Nolan did in
2005 with the fantastic Batman Begins, followed by the masterpiece known as The Dark Knight. So did J.J. Abrams this year with the new Star Trek. Now it's the turn of McG, which is why many people
director thought this would be the main culprit of the movie
a serious failure. Well, to my taste, was not the case, as McG makes a great leadership.

In 2018, John Connor, leads an army against the powerful
Skynet Terminators. But the future of your mother warned you not
may be because a man named Marcus Wright said that coming from the past seems to destroy the plans of Connor.

Christian Bale plays a very good interpretation, but the surprise here is Sam Worthington, a budding star who plays a half human half robot, with great efficiency. Helena Bonham Carter, in his right spot (as usual), and as the future father of John Connor, Kyle Reese, Anton Yelchin does a good job.

Finally, an entertaining movie that, you can criticize a little
excess of action and were more focused on the characters, as well,
is a great film. :fresh: