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A few hours ago I went to the first Australian screening of Cloverfield and I am still excited!!! We even beat the US premiere which we always like down here.

I, like many people, have been pretty excited about the viral hype surrounding the film. The youtube clips, the photo releases, the secrecy. So. Much. Fun.

The screening I went to tonight had bag searches (they even confiscated my mobile phone...the only phone still in use that's greatest functionality is making a phone call - it doesn't even take photographs!) and staff stalking up and down the aisles throughout checking for sneaky recording devices.

I think I also managed to get [URL=]my Cloverfield review[/URL] for live before any of the other sneaky online film writers which I am pretty chuffed about.

It is spoiler free which was harder to write than I thought but it is a film that really needs to be allowed to unfold on its own. And by unfold I mean spring out and smash you in the face.

Long live monster movies!!!!!!!!!