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Christine (2016)
7 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Horrible movie boring as heck one never connected with the main character enough to care whether she died or not did a terrible job at depicting the protagonists depression which was a fact she battled with it for many years in real life

The Island
The Island (2005)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

OKay so Im looking at the ratings here and I honestly believe the critics are all complete idiots with their sense of taste skewed to kingdom come by god knows what perhaps their beliefs in their ohsomuch greater than us esoteric status has went to their heads. This film is obviously one of the best movies in recent times and I aint even kidding this is coming from a person with an extremely hard to please atittude towards movies. If you are by any means a person with good taste in movies you will enjoy this one.

Prometheus (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

it looks cool i mean if u wanna look at something trippy wen ur on drugz but too effed up too care about plot then this is the movie for u otherwise dont waste ur time. it does not explain inconsistencies and just thinks it can woo itself into an audiences approval with its "omg 3D!" but its no sense nonsense just kills evrything and at the end ur thinking umm....then realize its not even worth ruminating over its a movie u forget ten sekonds later wen u see a mcdonalds sign upon exiting the theatre door. first of all, why the hell is this weird disease virus weapon or watever u wanna kall it that the foreign humanoids made always changing into sum weird oktopus-snake-like who knoes wut the hell its like an alien versus predator movie on crak why is this monster thing always loking different and why if these foreign humanoids wanna destroy earth with this thing but it ended up turning on them (this is the best summary i managed to extrapolate by consulting with my fellow moviegoers excuse me if i am incorrect as the movie explains NOTHING) WHY would the last humanoid on the installation invest all his time and energy into killing the humans who woke him up when he knows his entire krew wuz slaughtered by the monster virus thingy wudnt he understand the monster thing poses a greater threat than the humans??! And if the humanoid creatures wanted to destroy humans (their "creation" i think the movie was saying) because they were dissapointed in our morals or whatnot wouldnt that be an oxymoron as they are proving with that act to be just as evil and violent as those they are trying to destroy?! There's so many innaccuracies and incongruencies in this film i cannot name them here but if you are an intelligent moviegoer and like a film that touches and moves you as they are supposed to do do NOT watch "Prometheus".

The Next Three Days
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie was really bad, I mean it was watchable and mildly entertaining but far from great. There were so many innaccuracies and inplausible situations. Seriously who spends three years in county jail? Why would a cop break into an apt. without a warrant just on the mere hint that a prius is involved in a murder and the owners of the house own a prius? That's a pretty far shot. Why did the cop know perfectly where russel crowe was running? Why would his wife jump out of car on the freeway and act completely inssane? Why would russel want to stay with such a luntatic? A really anoying movie..........

The Fighter
The Fighter (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Wow that was the worst 20 min. of my life, after that I could not take it any longer. I don't know what you people are smoking but this movie was absolutely terrible. It was boring, it was stupid, and pretty much followed the basic storyline "oooh im coooool look at me punching a bag and sweating, I'm going to enter competitions, lose, then miraculously at the end I'm going to win and be a hero!" (I dind't even watch it but I'm pretty sure that's what happened. LAAAAAME BOOORING!!! If I wanted to see someone screaming and cussing and being generally annoying I would go downtown and watch the homeless instead of paying 10 bucks for this nonsense.