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Act of Valor
Act of Valor (2012)
10 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'm sick of reading these anti-military critics accuse every movie with a positive portrayal of our brave men and women as "recruitment tools." They are ACCURATE portrayals of them, end of story. Do they call movies where doctors save lives recruitment tools for hospitals? No. Do they call movies that show someone who is good at baseball a recruitment tool for baseball? No. So why is it, when a movie doesn't show the military as a bunch of blood-thirsty apes with guns shooting innocent people for the fun of it, all of a sudden they are nothing more than "recruitment tools" for the military? Funny thing is, most of the idiots that say these stupid comments have absolutely no clue how the military really is or how our troops really are. They "bravely" sit in their air-conditioned rooms criticizing any movie that portrays the military in a positive light.

Well, I'm just soooo glad you movie critics are serving us so bravely. Thank you for your great sacrifice...

And just in case you're wondering, I've seen this movie twice in two advanced screenings. I was in the military and a lot of my friends are or were in one branch or the other. Let me tell you, this was one of the most realistic and accurate portrayals of how military servicement are and how intense the fighting is. If being accurate and realistic means it's a recruiting tool, then let me tell you, this recruitment tool will tell you more truths than your recruiter will, haha.

The action is intense and relentless. The acting is about as good as you'd expect from a bunch of men who are too busy serving our country and putting their lives on the line every day to practice acting and memorizing lines. I'm sure they feel really terrible about that for you poor unfortunate critics who had to sit in an air-conditioned room for two whole hours to see that. Don't worry movie critics, aka my heroes, you will be awarded the silver star for your bravery and heroics...

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad (2016)
10 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If it would allow 0 stars I would give it. I saw this for free on an airplane ride that had free onboard entertainment, and even then I feel ripped off. This was one of THE WORST movies I have ever seen. I can't imagine what the 26% of critics were thinking. My friend, who has like the lowest standard in the entire world when it comes to movies, he said he liked this movie, but only out of sentimental reasons because he enjoyed the comic book version, but even he admits that the movie was pretty terrible... HOW did this get made? Someone should have read the script and knew immediately to either rewrite it from scratch or just shelf the entire project...