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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It amazes me how many people grossly misunderstand this film. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is best appreciated by those who have read the book; to anyone who has, they will see the film as a monumental achievement in staying true to its source material. Others who are not familiar will likely find the movie to be random, without any sense of direction, and too confusing for enjoyment. But to hell with those people.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is more than a movie; it is "a gross physical salute to the fantastic possibilities" of filmmaking, and in my opinion one of the most impressive films of the past 20 years. Chocked full of humor, the film is actually more intelligent than people give it credit for. Just as the book commented on the failure of the drug counterculture of the 1960s, the film does the same, although there are many who would completely miss this point.

To those people, you're simply not intelligent enough to understand this movie. But for those with true grit, the film represents something far more. And I'm proud to say I'm chock full of that!

A Nightmare on Elm Street
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

With the huge anticipation that this film had created in the past years, a few things were inevitable; The first being that it would be bashed by critics, followed by mixed reviews from fans of the original series bent on its charms. While this film is much darker than the original, it is a respectable film that should be appreciated on its own, not simply compared to the original and criticized for its deviation.

This "re-imagining" of A Nightmare on Elm Street is exactly that; a re-imagining. The producers have decided to take Freddy back to his darker roots, and personally I felt this worked in the films favor. After all, the film is titled a NIGHTMARE on Elm street.

Not that I'm saying this film is scary, or without its problems. It relies a bit too heavily on jump scares for the first half, but fortunately just as it begins to grow tiresome the film begins to deviate. The dream sequences are technically well-constructed, and the cinematography will have your eyes glued to the screen. Jackey Earle Haley is menacing as Krueger, and deserved much more screen time.

The backstory was obviously going to stir up some controversy; putting the elements of pedophilia in a horror film is always a shaky notion, particularly in a remake. But I don't think this hurt the film as many do; Yes it's not the same Freddy we saw in 1984, yes he is darker, more perverse, and more sadistic, but wasn't that the point?

The film picks up a lot of speed in its final act, which I thought was wonderful. Once Krueger gets on the screen and stays for more than a few moments, we can see Haley's truly memorable performance as the iconic legend. He really does deserve recognition for this role, as it is very difficult to step into the shoes of a Horror legend. And unlike previous re-boots such as Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Haley actually needs to speak.

As mentioned above, it was inevitable that critics would receive this film poorly, and fans would be divided. Critics bash it for its deviation from the original, constantly comparing it and pointing out its inferiority. Fans are more or less the same, but the consensus is naturally more divided. In situations like this with horror re-boots, I almost recommend to ignore the reviews (not this one though!). Critics have an obligation to comment on a films constructive flaws, and die-hard fans of the original often enter a film like this with the expectation that they're not going to like it. The reviews, therefore, are slightly skewed by pre-existing biases in my opinion.

So the question remains, should you see this film? I say Yes! Bayer's "Nightmare" is a dark, sadistic re-imagining of a classic tale. It doesn't try to copy the original, and while some people were not pleased by the presence of original set-pieces, I felt it made sense, if only for the first film in what may likely become a franchise. It puts us in familiar territory, while still providing new thrills.

Bottom line: Critics may be harsh and fans divided, but this one should really be seen and judged for yourself. As a movie on its own it is competently made, and in my opinion is the best re-boot yet.

Tropic Thunder
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I stumbled into the theatre just as the show began on Saturday night at Bracebridge's Norwood Cinema 3. As I trekked down the alley, The screen lit up with what appeared to be a film trailer. What followed was a series of trailers each boasting hilarity, and I realized that Tropic Thunder had begun.
A serious satire of the superficial and self-centered hollywood persona, Tropic thunder manages to be smart and seriously funny while serving its duty as a satire-comedy. Ben Stiller stars as Tugg Speedman, a failing action star who has been signed onto a new upcoming war movie, Tropic Thunder. Alongside him are Kirk Lazarus (Played by Downey Jr., who has undergone a pigmentation procedure in order to play a black Sergeant.) and Jeff Portnoy, played by Jack Black. He portrays a serious drug addict, and his withdrawal throughout their trip into the jungle plays for some very funny gags. As usual, Downey Jr. is a scene stealer, and his mumbling performance as a stereotypical Black Sergeant is sure to inspire a smile on your face. Stiller's character is the weakest of the three, but does manage to entertain us when is is acting in the film "Simple Jack", a poorly-received and very offensive movie about a mentally challenged boy.
The script could use a bit of work, as we don't ever really delve into any of the characters, and are rather bombarded by jokes by them, which we laugh at but do not receive even a vague idea of who these men really are. In the spirit of the recent "Pineapple Express" the film combines action and comedy, showing some very gory scenes of violence as well. Also like Pineapple Express, the end of the film loses its comedic tone and transfers over to pure violence.
Tropic Thunder is one of those movies that has it all, a big budge film that tires to squeeze in as many gas as it can in a two hour limit. When you get right down to it, whether you should see this film depends on one thing; If you enjoy having sight gags and witty dialogue thrown at you for 2 hours without any structure, you will find Tropic Thunder one of the best films of its kind, fitting into that category.

War (Rogue Assassin)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Great potential is lost in this mishmash and disaster of an action film.
To start, I like Jason Statham as an actor, and in my books he hsa earned himself a place atop the leading action stars of today. Unfortunately, he has little room to wiggle with in this film, causing his true abilities as an actioneer to suffer greatly.
The film revolves around a justice/revenge story between two men, Crawford (Statham), an FBI agent, and a mystery man who goes by "Rogue" (Li). After Crawford's partner is killed by Rogue, he sets out on a journey to kill this man, who is busy backstabbing two organized crime units, the Yakuza and the Triads at the same time.
While the movie kicks off to a great start with a nice introduction to the characters as well as a great opening action sequence, it quickly loses steam. The movie simply jumps around too much, and as Crawford becomes angrier throughout the movie, he never really lets it out in a way that would make an action flick entertaining.
The film proceeds with Crawford snooping around, complicating the plot further and further until you stop paying attention. Every once and a while an action scene emerges, though weak, and about half way through the movie we are mildly entertained by a car chase, although the excitement wears off quickly and we are left bored once again.
The film has a twist that would make it worth a rental, but ultimately leaves the movie in a worse off position than it was before. To conclude, if you're looking for a mildly entertaining action flick that won't leave any impressionable marks, this one may be worth a rental for the couple great action sequences, but other than that it will leave you dry and disappointed.