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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation(2009)

Initial Score: 6.8

-Don't let the title fool you while it is the latest Terminator there's no screwing around with the chronological order, there is no singular futuristic threat, there is no tongue in cheek humor. In the place of all that is humanity's deteriorating struggle against an army of machines bringing with it all the impressive set piece battles and effects a war epic with robots is capable of it's too bad most of the humans are upstaged by such displays and the lack of script cohesion runs rampant throughout.

-John connor is finally realized on film as an adult played by the always intense Christian Bale he's not yet the commander he's somehow destined to be but in a high enough position to have a say in how things are done, but not over General Ashdown played by Michael Ironside. The two have a conflict of interest, Connor's willing to save the human captives with an ulterior motive of finding his father while Ashdown having found a way to potentially end the war is not wiling to let compassion for a few get in the way of saving everyone else. This tension between the two who have different ways of achieving the same goal could have been expanded upon giving a more human touch to a film too absorbed in it's action sequences it forgets to show humans can be their own worst enemy.

-I can understand when you're being hunted everyday by homicidal robots and most of your race is already dead you won't be in the greatest of moods but even so, Bale's yelling is a bit too relentless he treats everyone as if they're deaf the word over acting comes to mind. On the other hand Sam worthington delivers as a man trying to atone for his past as the only cyborg in the film he's infinitely more human then any fully fleshed character, having a ribcage of metal and not knowing who you are isn't easy.

-Moon Bloodgood is certainly no Linda Hamilton but she does have the humane characteristic that cements her as a martyr for what she believes in and she doesn't have to yell constantly, Christian Bale I hope you're taking notes. Between watching a literally faceless robot vaporize random humans and a motorcycle be swung into a Skynet ship Marcus and Connor get closer to each other (again literally) and somehow instead of feeling cheated out of a true climax the two team up against what is a nod to what made the previous Terminator films successful and the film's sense of purpose is finally solidified (yes again literally) on screen.

-McG understands lots of really cool action scenes involving impossible to defeat robots being defeated satisfies those who are looking for something to get the pulse pounding and Sam Worthington saves the balancing act from tipping over since metal is denser then flesh. However a sequel trying too hard to pay homage to it's predecessors and not stand on the legs of it's own writing does nothing to advance the Terminator mythology beyond showing us an alternate universe where the color saturation is as dead as most of the human population.