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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This movie is one explosion after another. I don't think theres a scene without explosions. I wonder if the actors are deaf from all the explosions. Not only that but the camera is always moving. Either spinning around the actors or gliding at them then away. It gets annoying.

The action & special effects are well done. Sometimes its hard to tell whats happening when the transformers are close together. The fight scene where Optimus dies was good. They tend to overuse the Linkin Park song. The other annoying part is Sam's Mom who they give way too much play time.

I liked it primarily for the action, special effects, the storyline was almost like it came from the cartoon. Some kind of gigantic machine hidden inside the pyramids of Giza... a gigantic transformer decepticon rolls through Shanghai highway going over cars and they hope to pull off a cover story of a poison gas leak.

Plenty of things don't really fit, the director just throws them at you and I guess hopes all the action and explosions throw you off. If you sit down and really examine the movie its a cartoon plot with real life action, and the action and special effects are worth seeing.