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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park(1993)


What can I say about Spielberg, this man can hit any genre on the nose. With a totally original concept and logical problems that arise, this is a perfect example of a person mad with power and money. While his intentions are good, his safety concerns are not. Jurassic Park takes full advantage of its originality, incorporating amazing special effects, interesting characters and moments of sheer terror about as good as Jaws.

The problem with this movie is that the ending seems very rushed and abrupt. Its like okay we escaped the dinosaurs, lets go home. Many questions are left unanswered such as well what about the island? What about all of the dinosaurs? But no let's just fly home and not answer any of those questions. Anyways that was a miniscule problem with the movie overshadowed by its massive entertainment.

The acting is fantastic for this type of movie. Jeff Goldblum plays a great part of comic relief using his strange sense of timing to create some chuckles that evolve into laughter over time. Sam Neill is a bit underdeveloped but good as the man who doesn't believe in technology and believe the fun is in the digging. Laura Dern is solid in her role as Neill's girlfriend who has a great passion for these immense and sometimes deadly creatures.
Then we have Richard Attenborough at the man head of it all. His dreams are too big, but he is under the illusion that he has control. Attenborough plays it with much skill as he seems very charming and welcoming, but is actually very stressed and worried like everyone else. He reminded me very much of any host saying "Its alright folks, its technology, everything will be alright". Spared no expense of course.

The action scenes are electrifying, both in a literal and figurative sense actually. The T-Rex sequences have a neat visceral touch that is both frightening and exhilarating. But it is the velociraptor sequence in the kitchen that did it for me. The tension goes high and the thrills go big as they try to sniff out the kids in the kitchen. You feel the hunting gene within the raptors, but at the same time are wondering how the kids will escape. I yelled out loud scared at a couple of scenes, its that genuinely horrifying.

This is nothing short of classic Spielberg. Pretty much reinventing the wheel everytime he makes a movie, this is no exception. With a high amount of thrills, humour and special effects, along with an original idea taken to wonderful heights, Jurassic Park is a classic cinematic adventure. Thumbs up!