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The Signal
The Signal (2008)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[b][font=Courier New]As a "horror" movie The Signal got everything right. As a "comedy‚?? it got everything right.
Too often are modern horror movie villains either really ugly children who are someone coming at you through your electronic device or someone that manifest itself in some kind of object or toy.

In The Signal the antagonist is any and everyone. More so then just have the viewer assume that they are just transformed into being evil the filmmakers cleverly go through the trouble of stepping into the characters minds.

The filmmakers (David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry, and Dan Bush/ all three were the screenwriters, all three directed a part) force you into the character's perspective and justify their actions, motives, thought, and reasoning.

The movie is down disturbing on a philosophical and psychological level as they show how rational, good-minded people devolve and create their own morality. Primal extinct is (humorously) rationalized by what would otherwise be reasonable mind.

It's an ethical subjectivist‚??s dream.

The music composed by Ben Lovett, Matthew Compton, and Paloma Udovic is an eerie and yet exciting Post Rock instrumental closer to 28 Days Later then to Dawn of the Dead. Coupled with the city's gloomy and depressing climate the music could have easily carried and told the story just as well if the character's dialogue and sound effects been removed.

That also is a complement for how spot on the acting was.

All the roles in the movie from the main protagonists played by Anessa Ramsey and Justin Welborn to the main antagonist AJ Bowen are perfectly played. The supporting cast did more then their job subscription, as each had his/her own memorable moment.

Sahr Ngaujah part of the film even after his character had been killed, and Matt Stanton was not only funny, but showed how anyone could fall victim to the signal's hypnotic mind transformations.

Cheri Christian also deserves tremendous credit as she took a seemingly annoying character and made us sympathize with her.

Don't be surprised if this movie receives a cult like following. The film easier to compare to Fight Club then the Cell, and maybe professional critics will someday realize that not only are they out of step with tomorrow's generation, but also out of step with tomorrow, as many reviews tend to show a lack of long term awareness amongst critics.

Maybe it's their job to be snooty idiots.

I really wished this film had garnered more publicity as it is excellently made, and creatively far advanced then any "horror" movie released in this decade.[/font]