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Speed Racer
Speed Racer (2008)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I saw and liked Iron Man but this movie had me gripping my seat in a way Iron Man could not. The top critics on RT have without a doubt failed in their critiques of this movie but I think their problems stems from their inability to understand the point of this movie. They expect memorable, deep characters, thought provoking lines, but most of all they expect to see what they are used to seeing. Newsflash: Larry and Andy Wachowski are not the collaborative Brad Bird. Every Pixar film, though adorable and fun runs in the exact same manner and people are no doubt starting to realize it. There's always a formula. Speed Racer excells in the way it breaks this children's movie formula. This movie seems to ignore every film technique there is and so much the better. Have you ever seen people fight with cars before? Or seen every color of the rainbow in ever single shot in a film? This movie opens possibilities and from a visual standpoint, is just captivating. Who cares about the characters and who cares how well they act. If you focus on those things when watching this movie you ignore the imagery. Some say there is too much color but it's really no more than any cartoon and unlike cartoons all 24 frames are there, loud, clear, and in high definition.