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8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man(2009)

Well, I can at least say that this is an enjoyable movie.

There is one thing I usually hate about movies like these. When it comes to romantic elements mixed with buddy elements, there almost always seems to be a scene where everything is made horribly awkward. I think the movie that turned that into an art form was "Meet the Parents" with Ben Stiller. Until that movie came out, I never felt so awkward in my life in place of someone else. Yes, "Meet the Parents" was nothing but a big huge bag of awkward, but for some strange reason there was that final blow that shoved it into overdrive. Throughout the entire movie, after I had been embarrassed enough for the main character who has such a hard time making male friends, I was anticipating to the most awkward moment in movie history.

It never came. It was a bit of a relief but at the same time it was slightly disappointing.

I think the movie was going for more of a realistic feel to capture the audience. We can all relate to these characters because we have either been in a situation like them or know the same people they do. However, there are characters (such as the jerk who throws a temper-tantrum whenever he loses) that just got on my nerves. There were moments in the movie where things seemed more annoying than funny because they were delivered by characters who's personalities I did not like. Not to say the movie isn't enjoyable. I think it is a decent offering. However, I was not in line to see an awkward movie. I was hoping for pure drive humor, much like "Role Models" where the gags were so outlandish that we could never picture ourselves in those situations.

I guess the problem with the movie is that it was too "real" for me. I identified with the characters, which is good, but they were in incredibly awkward situations the entire time. What use is aligning yourself with the character when you are going to feel embarrassment for them? Especially when it is meant to be a comedy?

Nonetheless, I recommend it. I think it is worth a look.