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8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
An American Carol

An American Carol(2008)

I am a conservative, so evidently my review will be biased. Having said that, I loved this film and laughed out loud many times. Not only that, it was refreshing to see a movie out there that actually took a swing at liberal Hollywood. And not just a "swing" which means a "light poke" when they do it to themselves, but an honest-to-goodness "roast."
I was pretty much laughing since the beginning, when terrorists gathered together and plotted a way to prevent Iraqi citizens from holding free elections. A stern looking man grabs a befuddled "enlistee" and fits him with a "stylish vest" covered in explosives and gives him a ricketly bike to ride down a hill toward the citizens.

"But this bike is pretty old and flimsy...I don't think it will make it back up the hill..."

" don't need to worry about that..."

"But the brakes...they are, uh, squeeky...I don't think they will be enough to stop me."

The man puts a hand on his comrade and says gravely, "Allah will stop you."

It is irreverent jokes such as these that pepper the entire movie. There are moments where it creates a chain and I find myself rolling with laughter for minutes at a time. However, there are times where I am scratching my head when a joke falls horrendously flat. Not to mention that Kevin Farley, try as he might, can only make me feel nostalgia for his long-lost brother who would have made me care and love the main character. Kelsey Grammer does a great job as General Patton and the serious scene (with George Washington) is thought provoking...out of place, perhaps? But still, a lesson is presented in that scene and whether the movie-goers agree with it or not is up to them.
In the end, if you are a Republican or a Conservative, this will definitely be a new member to your top ten list. If you are in the middle you will find yourself laughing quite often. If you are a Democrat or a Liberal, I can honestly say that this movie will get your blood boiling with indignation. I cannot stress this enough: if you don't like anything right-wing and can't stand listening to anyone who professes to be right-wing, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. It will not be a pleasant outing. Even I said to myself, "Man...this movie rips them kind of hard..."