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The Expendables 3
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Par for the course. More of the same. If you liked the other 2 I can't see why you wouldn't like this. If you havent seen the others , no big deal, you can still enjoy this movie. It's movie heroes and celebrities playing capture the flag in the backyard basically.

Bad Words
Bad Words (2014)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is certainly not everyone's cup of tea to say the least. It's one of those movie ?s? that requires an element of relate ability to the main character. Guy Trilby, age 40 ? wonderfully? played by Jason Bateman ?,? is the king of all cynicists; the qui?n?t ?essential "hater" if you will. While most movies spend their time creating a likable, but unfortunate nice guy for the audience to fall in love with, this film does the complete opposite in a way.

?So often aspiring screen writers have been told to have their protagonist "save the cat" and usually in the opening scene, just to gain viewer approval but Guy Trilby instead symbolically steals candy from a baby and brags about it. I believe you need to have experienced a certain amount of bitterness in your life to appreciate the ride this movie takes you on. Despite acting like a straight up bastard,Guy actually has some endearing qualities. He's politically correct, savvy, assertive, tremendously witty, and has a striking sense of humor; in other words a very well functioning adult. He's that guy you probably wish you were, and that's why you love to hate him...at first.

Later on, through his interactions we see the truth in that Guy is a complex person trying to live past the hate, rejection and other unfair treatment life bestowed upon him. He chooses to do so, getting revenge by serving up a large dose of his detractor's own medicine : negativity.
At a certain point the viewer cannot help rooting and cheering for Guy as he strikes back so perfectly against the prejudice of society.

The character journey never really becomes a pity party. Sure you might feel some sympathy for Guy but it's quickly erased by his next evil deed, and you're right back to just being thoroughly entertained by his unprecedented antics. wondering what rule won't he break, and how far is he willing to go, and when/ how is it all going to come crashing down on him? or will his master plan be so well executed he finally get's the one thing he wants? It's those threads which keeps us enthralled during the movie.

This is a very interesting and unique character study. It is just really engaging watching the whole situation play out with Guy in the driver's seat. His relationships very much testing and defining his character, which turns out to be a pretty damn nice guy after all.

Call it dark humor, edgy drama in a semi sarcastic tone with a punk/ rebellious nature. In a nutshell it's crude, hilariously over the top, and controversial, but not just for the sake of being so, but rather with a purpose and a promise.

It's a premise that only works in fiction, where as the real life ramifications of this type of behavior would be unbearable, so in that respect it becomes a fantasy. Something you've only ever dreamed about doing: sticking it to "the man", it just so happens Guy's "man" was his dead beat dad.

There's a strong messages in there, mixed up in all the comedy, about friendship, bullying, and parenthood/ child development which I believe is delivered with impact.

For me the movie poses the idea that the world is a hell of a place, but oddly enough really good things do come out of it and that you have to be willing to ride through all the BS to get there and that there is always somebody ( no matter how strange they may seem) willing to have your back when it seems like the entire world hates you. For me, that is an enjoyable and honest sentiment.

Up (2009)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"Come fly with me,come fly, lets fly away."
An old man, A young boy, a talking dog, and a flying house...and you thought it was gonna be silly.

I sat down in the theatre and got caught Up in a really sweet, storybook escape. Up is like a daydream that goes beyond your expectations causing you to slowly drift into a feeling of euphoria. The rich, colorful palette of this film pleases your eyes with its flavor. The seemingly endless and vast blue sky calls out to your sense of adventure and encourages the imagination in us all..UP is a children's animated adventure, featuring an elderly man who escapes retirement by sailing away his house equipped with thousands of multicolored balloons.

He lands on world full of mystique and wonderment where he meets up with his childhood hero.
I don't know who wouldn't enjoy this movie. The only thing you really need while watching this is to turn on your imagination and let go of your logic a little, its best not to remain so grounded.

Up is a real charmer its a splendid family film even for the grandparents. It's very sincere, and sentimental in tone and message. The folks at Disney and Pixar have once again dazzled us with lovely images and a story thats pure, youthful, bliss. The romantic overture, and delightful nature of this film, carries you along for a ride you'll want to share with everyone around you.

Jokes are a fickle thing, but humor is the voice of the heart and Up beautifully captures that quirky and spontaneous humor that only comes from experiencing lifes precious moments. Joyful isnt a word I like to throw around but, it fits quite well when attached to the spirit of this film.

I truly enjoyed watching Up, and was entertained from minuet to minuet. although, I didn't like the idea of this old man having to drag around a house, I wasnt expecting it to be that way. I feel like it limited this films mobility and dragged down the overall plausibility.

Another very small gripe I have with Up, is it's lack of human characters, which leaves us without much dialogue, and no narration to boot, also some of the jokes repeat a little to much. Oh and dogs flying airplanes...not sure about that, but I can easily look past it for all the underlined pleasantry of this pic.

It's cute, its fun filled, free spirited, UPlifiting and sensational. Young and old will love it. What else is there to say about Pixar that hasnt been said? Pixar is to animation what Picasso was to paint, and if characterization was ever considered an art form than this film deserves its own section at the Norton Museum of art.

There's a lot you can walk away with after seeing this pic, but mostly I like to believe that 1.Your heart is never too old to have an adventure and 2. .No matter how much life brings you down, don't give Up on your dreams, you never know how high they may take you, if you let them lift you Up.

Observe and Report
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Don't think I'll ever like a Seth Rogen movie, but I'll try.

I'm about to report what I've observed. This movie just like "Pineapple Express" is foul. It's so crude, and obscene enough to make you turn away in mild disgust. Its certainly not the worst but its bad enough that it leaves a gross after taste in your mouth. However, it is a comedy, and comedies have the habit of really pushing the envelope on what is tasteful, and borderline obscene.

The main character, a mall cop named Ronnie (played by Seth Rogen) is a product of his surroundings, and in many ways a victim of that society. He's confused, angry, and socially out of place because of it. This movie is actually quite emotional in its awkwardness and drowns you in the misery of backwoods middle America.

It all starts off when reports start piling up, of a man flashing his nudity at patrons of a local mall where Ronnie is head of security. The story unfolds like you'd expect, when things go wrong, things go horribly wrong, and then finally things go back to normal. (The 3 acts of servitude that Hollywood has come to embrace.)

A big turning point in the movie comes when Ronnie is heart broken and deceived by what was his sole passion in life, Law Enforcement? Which goes to show that all that glitters is certainly not gold, and that being naive is a devastating vulnerability; a true life lesson that speaks louder than words. So what happens when life hands you lemons? Well according to Ronnie, throw'em at people and hold up your middle finger while laughing.

If shock value is all you're looking for then this movie belongs in the same category as Jackass, violent, perverse, and always politically incorrect, but that's what you should expect. Certain audiences love to laugh at life's failures and F-ups, Seth Rogen and crew are always able to capitalize on that, but it's a formula that can only seek to improve by topping itself, ending in perpetual failure

Don't get me wrong I'm all for physical comedy, and outlandish performances but when you needlessly show full frontal male nudity more than once,.it becomes corrupted.

Congratulations Ronnie, you caught the pervert. This is a below average comedy that only appeals to a distinct demographic, of mostly males ages 18 -25. I hardly, hardly recommend it, at all.