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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Trouble with the Curve

Trouble with the Curve(2012)

Trouble with the Curve is the ultimate anti-Moneyball movie. Many members of the baseball community in the US, most of them relatively old, still have difficulty accepting that their game can be won by someone who's good at maths. Trouble with the Curve is a celebration of those old scouts you saw battling against Brad Pitt in Moneyball; the people who believe that it's all about athletic ability, and good old-fashioned gut instincts.

Is Trouble with the Curve as good as Moneyball? No. Not even close. Moneyball was a film that had great flares of originality and snappy writing separating out the obligatory moments of sports cliche. Trouble with the Curve however makes no attempt to do anything new. It's exactly the same baseball movie that's been on the big screen since Eight Men Out and Field of Dreams. And yet, Trouble with the Curve still works. It's still watchable and rather solid. You don't have to look far to see why. It's all down to a certain man called Clint Eastwood, who proves he's still one of the best actors around.

Will Clint Eastwood get another Oscar nod? It's quite possible. In fact, if it becomes public knowledge that this will be his last acting appearance, then you can almost say he's a dead cert. He had originally planned on Gran Tarino being his final acting role, and that probably would have been the better choice. That's not to say Trouble with the Curve isn't a good film. It is. It may be straightforward and filled to the rafters with cliche, but it's so solidly made that you don't really care. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and watch a story be told beautifully.

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