JamesNewton's Rating of RoboCop

James' Review of RoboCop

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Robocop has attained its status as a science-fiction action classic, and it deserves to be recognized. When you really analyze it, it's more than your average action flick, even though the film is filled with numerous action scenes. I'm not great at explaining the message of a film, but I'll do my best. Robocop is sort of a satire on American culture and its corruption of the business world and violence in American society, of course not exactly defining the reality of it since it takes place in a dystopian future. There are numerous examples of this spread throughout the movie and I feel that this is what makes the film so unique.

So the basic outline of the film is that a cop Alex Murphy gets brutally murdered on attempting to bust a group of criminals and gets resurrected as Robocop, an experiment for an advanced "supercop" to take on the out-of-control violence in Detroit. Robocop is a Christ-like figure in a way, fighting against the corruption of the city and protecting the innocent. Peter Weller is great this role, and we can really connect with his character as he discovers his past and realizes life will never be the same for him. Of course, you've got the action scenes which are very well executed with full out violence that is impressive but almost flat out shocking at times, but man is it entertaining!

I left out some details, only because I'd like for you (or whoever reads this) to see for yourself what a great fresh science-fiction action film this is. Recommended.