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James' Review of Avatar

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Avatar is James Cameron's latest masterpiece, and entitled to my opinion, it is one of the best movies I've ever seen, or possibly THE best movie I've ever seen. I'd also say best of the decade, and easily the best of 2009. Avatar is filled with sci-fi action and fantasy, and takes you into a future world of the planet Pandora that is like nothing you've ever seen. The visuals are incredible, hands down the best and most realistic that I've ever seen! Avatar is just a beautiful movie to look at, from the scenery and locations to the Na'vi(or Native) creatures that are stunning to look at. The story is also very intriguing and never drops from that level. The action sequences are incredible and very well shot and wow! This movie is pretty much flawless from what I see. Avatar is like this generations Star Wars, really, its that amazing. It does deserve the wide attention that it has been receiving. It's ok if you don't respect my opinion about this being one of the best movies ever, best of the decade, etc., but I do expect everyone to respect the fact that this movie is truly a revolution in moviemaking and that this movie is a true masterpiece that deserves great attention for years to come. I'd give it 11/10, but it's not possible, so I'll stick with 10/10. Go see it, especially while it's out in 3D (the best experience!)...