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Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

I will give it a 90 because i have to admit i have never seen anything like it in my life.


I went in with no expectations and came out stunned.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

Solid horror film, 3d shots horribly noticeable in the 2d version however.


i sat through this just so my girlfriend would make out with me....never again...never again.

The Green Hornet

I don't know why people on rotten tomatoes are so harsh on good films sometimes. I really enjoyed this film, it blended action and comedy right down the middle. Seth rogen did an amazing job playing an egomaniac wanting to be a superhero, i heard a lot of people say he had no chemistry with any of his cast members, i disagree i thought the acting was solid for what this kind of movie was. Also Christoph Waltz is always a pleasure, playing a villain who was slightly out of touch with what is in style, or what is scary, i thought was hilarious. Happy to see Edward James almos in a supporting role. ( Love you Admiral Adama) Overall this was a good fun film i enjoyed and i recommend it to anyone looking to laugh and see some good fights.

Give 'em Hell Malone

picked this up in a five dollar bin, totally worth it.Noir dialogue. Action, some humor, evil villains. I'd pick this up if i were you. But then again I'm a tom jane fan.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Wow, one of the best films I've seen this year. Aronofsky's chilling direction and a breathtaking performance by the lovely and beautiful Natalie Portman leave you dazed and wanting more. The atmosphere and tone of this film will bring forth a wide range of feelings. Awe, beauty, terror, fear, panic, confusion, arousal, sensuality,paranoia, jealousy, anger, sadness. I came into this film as a guy wanting to see Mila kunis and Natalie Portman have a love scene. But what i got was a giant chunk of Oscar gold, and got to see my love scene.(Which was awesome, for all of the men reading.) I was heavily impressed with how the camera moved with the the beautiful dancing performance from Portman. This was one of the first oscar worthy films i have seen this year. It left me with a reaffirmed belief in my crush on Natalie portman, and a new found respect for her method of acting. she was beautiful, dark, and graceful, which is what i can used to sum up this film, beautiful, dark and graceful.

Surf Ninjas
Surf Ninjas(1993)

Dudes i grew up with this movie and i am raging right now that it has 8 percent. This movie was my gateway into kung fu as a child. i put this on a mantle right next to the original teenage mutant ninja turtles movie. tmnt and surf ninjas brought me in to jackie chan and bruce lee. if you don't like surf ninjas, you aren't worth my time. "MOTOSURF!"

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Great chemistry between lead characters and humor that tickled my dark funny bone many times.(Spoilers) The fact RDJ punches a child in the stomach, or even better he spits in a dogs face. priceless. Name a movie where a man spits at a dogs face? It did have dry spots, but not enough for me to complain.

Youth in Revolt

A Cute and Funny comedy with a cast of actors who i love seeing on screen. Anyone who says michael cera is a one shot pony clearly need to see his sociopath double identity. This is a good year for Cera. As always a great comedy needs to have a cameo appearance by justin long.(Who did nothing but amuse me.) This film is by far not my favorite comedy i have ever seen. But damn it's cute.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Cute film with great cinematography,smart visuals, sharp witty, funny, dialog. Great cast that works together to make a cute, homage to video games of old.

Terminator Salvation

Not the best bale performance, seeing a realistic 20 something arnold again. A Schwarzenegger in his prime is worth the ticket price.

Cop Out
Cop Out(2010)

Not the best kevin smith movie i have seen. But it was nice to see Sean william scott in a film for the first time in a while.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

It's all about the quips and whit with this film, not the best comedy in the world, but by far not the worst.


Let me start out by saying how i was blown away by this film. I went into this thinking it was going to be a matrix knock off or something. From the trailers i have seen you could only gather so much information about this film, so i went into this movie practically blindfolded and with lower expectations.

Inception in my opinion may be the matrix of the decade(Thus far) It is rare to see a film with stunning visuals and cast performances like this thrown into one pot.This movie had the thrill of blade runner, the visuals of the matrix, the suave coolness of ocean's 11. This movie had a bit of everything. Great cast performances, Joseph Gordon-levitt and Ellen page were actors who i didn't think had the acting chops for this film, but they proved me wrong and blew me away.
Christopher Nolan did what he does best. Just like Memento. Just like the prestige. Inception will fuck your mind. Go see it.


Whoa. Didn't expect this to be as awesome as it was. I loved the actors. The sets were fantastic. Walton goggins from "The shield" Blew me away in his role as the convict. This is a raunchy action man movie made for men. It would have only been better if Arnold himself was in it. For a sequel of one of my favorite action films made more than 20 years ago. They kept it within cannon and stayed faithful, along with adding there own spice into the pot. Who would have thought that adrian brody could pull off a damn action role?! The pianist looked like a freaking spartan! Oh and the surprise performance by Topher Grace? Man he played a serial killer like your good old neighborhood Dexter morgan. Morpheus was a nice suprise to see as well. Although his performance as a crazy man came off a little weak to me. Oh and a few other reasons i liked this movie. A samurai fought predator with a freaking Katana. And the convict screaming " Die you space faggot" as he actually mans the fuck up and shiv's a fucking predator in the neck!!! Go see this movie, if you have balls you will love it!

The Last Airbender

Watching this in 3D is like watching a film played under pond water. This was a big disappointment being a fan of the original show. The dialog was enough to make you cringe. Portrayal of characters seemed forced. Certain characters didn't even act like the characters from the show, example Aang. My bad, let me correct myself, everyone in the film called him "Uang" This was the first 3d film i have seen since Beowulf, and it only reminded me why i hated 3d movies to begin with.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

I split my sides for a whole minute when i saw chuckles the clown for the first time, i missed his dialog and everything. His grizzled angry clown voice was the thing i loved most about the movie.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

Too long has it been that fool's have been pitied. This movie captured the heart of the iconic television show from the 80's. Almost every character was cast perfectly. B.A. was however lacking that certain Mr.T quality. Other than that, everyone played their characters with such a cool quality. This movie oozes witty banter, even the villains were witty and cool. With the most insane unrealistic escape plots and traps, one includes flying a tank, this movie makes you laugh and go white knuckled at the same time. I knew this movie was going to be good, once Murdock dangled himself from a helicopter blade singing. " You spin me right round, baby right round"

Edge of Darkness

For two Amazing actors Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone were surprisingly lacking chemistry.The Film over all was an ok Murder mystery,with an ending strangely similar to brave heart. The only thing this movie did was make me happy to see Mel Gibson acting again. It gave me a nostalgic thrill. Thinking of Payback or Ransom. It's the kind of role you expect to see Mel Gibson play. It's the type of role he slips back into like an old glove, he just needed to dust it off a little. But damn it was putting a smile on my face to see one of my favorite actors to shoot some mofo's again.

The Princess Bride

A movie so magical you could quote almost any line of dialog and people will know what your talking about.


If you want a movie that you have never heard of, and you want that movie to wow you. Pick this film up.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

You Can't go into this thinking it is going to be Gladiator. Or Kingdom of heaven to enjoy this for what it was. It didn't blow my mind, but it didn't disappoint in some aspects. I will admit in making it more realistic they took out some of the oomf that made robin hood robin hood. But to be fair this isn't robin hood. This is Robin hood batman begins style. This is Robin hood the Prequel. The action isn't what i expected from the makers of Gladiator and Kingdom of heaven. But i still thought it was gritty as it could be for pg 13. Which makes me think they should have just gone to R, but i get it...the producers and funders want to make as much money from as many demographics as possible, but i feel a little screwed over as far as the level of action i wanted out of this. The movie went dry for me when arrows weren't being flung into chests or faces. I was glad to see Crowe pump back into shape for the role, i heard he was still chubby from body of lies. Cate blanchett's acting was bland and she looks too much like a foot to be maid Marian. When i think made Marian i think total babe, which is the opposite of Cate blanchett. Mark strong playing another villain. I love it when mark strong plays villains. He should be getting a workaholic award for being so many villains in the last year and a half, robin hood, kick ass, and Sherlock Holmes. I enjoy him, he is an intimidating actor, like crowe. Which i think played off in their opposition of each other. Not to sound like a misogynist or really anti Cate Blanchett again, but...I get in the world we live in we want to see Women as equals to men and have strong women characters, i get that and hell i want to see it too, as long as it is done right. It wasn't done right in this film. I honestly can't see a woman being in combat in that time setting, and i don't mean that in a negative way but i think they just threw that in to throw it in there. Like they saw the woman in return of the king fighting in a battle and they thought, eh why not. Maid Marian is a Maiden not a knight.(And again to clear me not being a misogynist, i think laura rossiln from Battlestar galactica is the greatest leader character in contemporary fiction)
Anyway. In closing, i thought this film had a solid cast and beautiful costumes and sets and location of filming. I think the action was good for pg 13, but i would have rather wanted bloodshed. I thought when there wasn't action going on it was dry. This film did what i wanted it to do though, which was entertain me for a couple hours. But, the only part that gave me chills, that made my hair on my arms go up was at the end When The sheriff was putting up the poster and robin hood nails it with an arrow. It made me want what robin hood was supposed to be, not a backstory, but a story about robin hood.

Quantum of Solace

To be fair, look what it had to follow up. This film did everything to close bond's wounds from Casino royale.

Casino Royale

like the consensus said, this bond film is jaw dropping and will have your knuckles turning white. Craig truly is the best bond since connery.

The Transporter

great kung fu. Bad everything else.

Léon: The Professional

It's hard to make a film with a lot of action and still have it capture your heart. Luc Besson's Opus of a film Leon the professional will do just that. Jean reno acts with his presence rather than his words, sucking you into his mysterious yet child like character. Gary Oldman does such a wonderful job at playing a villian i could watch him all day in this role. His character is so sinister he has to do hits of LSD before going into a firefight. And last but not least let us not forget about the talent of Natalie Portman in this film. Being a 13 year old and acting with the level of intensity she did was nothing less than jaw dropping. She acts so well it makes you uncomfortable in most parts. This movie is one of the films in a rare vein, an action film that at the same time will warm your heart, but also have a scene where a guy dives for cover while firing two guns. A+.

The Hurt Locker

I won't argue how good of a film this is.But parts really tuned me out and i think it's a little too hyped up for what it is. The main character is a sociopath disguised as a soldier and the story follows him. Does it show war being a drug? Yeah i guess. But is it really that much of a social commentary on the middleastern wars? I don't know about that. I thought the film "The kingdom" Had more to say about the middle east conflicts, despite its hard to swallow plot.

The International

The movie is really dry for 90 percent of the film. But man a shootout from hell comes out of nowhere in the later half of the film which temporarily jolted the action up to 11 and afterward the story flickers. Rent don't buy.

Saving Private Ryan

With tom hanks in the lead and an amazing supporting cast.Beautiful set pieces and locations. One of the most relevant war films of all time.

Little Miss Sunshine

a hearwarmer with a soundtrack to die for. That little girl will leave a smile on your face for years to come. One of the better comedies out there.

Firefly - The Complete Series

It's come to a point with me that if you don't like firefly then your as bad as hitler in my eyes.

Live Free or Die Hard

Not the best in the series, but man it sure isn't die hard 2.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

My personal favorite of the sequels, damn intense action.

Die Hard 2
Die Hard 2(1990)

Not the best the franchise had to offer.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

one of the greater action films of all time.

Batman Begins

A film that finally got batman.

The Matrix Revolutions

Not the way i would have taken it, but by far wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. They made neo biblical,or Aurthurian even. king Aurthur or Christ would be a good comparison.

The Matrix Reloaded

a comeback with a bang.not as good as the first but by far a thrilling and jaw dropping action film regardless of a shaky plot.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

one of the most relevant films of the 90s

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

it was a cute film for what it was.

Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes(1998)

The opening shot has you hooked until the credits are rolling. Nick cage doesn't fail.

Lethal Weapon 4

I enjoyed this one as much as the first 2 installments of the series.

Lethal Weapon 3

worst in the series, still enjoyed it though.

Lethal Weapon 2

enjoyed it as much as the first.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

The greatest B movie can be described with one word. "Groovy."

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

Better than road warrior in my opinion.

Dragonball Evolution

Thanks for ruining my childhood, pricks.

Super Mario Bros.

Fond childhood memories turned to Dennis hopper nightmares

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Best of the prequels. The final twenty minutes where so intense. The argument between obi-wan and vader was so emotional and raw.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

besides making darth vader a whiney teen and showing what boba fett looks like i thought it wasn't too bad.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

People are too rough on it. I enjoyed it for what it was, people should just embrace jarjar for the bad character he is. Qui gon jinn was a freaking badass. And the best lightsaber fight of all time was in this film. Obi wan and qui gon vs darth maul. It's way underrated.

The Dark Knight

The empire strikes back of our generation.


I could love this film just by the song "Surface of the sun" alone. But danny boyle made something special here. When i finished this film, i was emotionally drained and exhausted.

A Beautiful Mind

The performance that should have gotten crowe an oscar.


The ultimate guy film

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

a walking talking nergasm.


A movie that shouldn't have existed in reality. 20 years ago if charles in charge got cancled three years later a blockbuster film wouldn't ever have gotten made. This film is a miracle.

Heartbreak Ridge

Eastwood at his most intimidating.

For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Più)

Without a doubt in my mind the greatest of Sergio Leone's Man with no name trilogy. Everyone will tell you that the good the bad and the ugly is where it is at, but they are wrong i tell you. The final duel in this film is and forever will be the best moment in any western you will ever see. I promise you. This is the greatest western of all time.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

Tim Burton's masterpiece and he doesn't even know it. It is one of two tim Burton films that are actually worth your time. And it is the only tim burton film i am proud to have in my personal collection of dvd's


One of Two films tim burton has ever done that is worth your time.


lol, What the fuck is this joke?

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton is overrated and any claim of amazing collaborations between he and depp are always just a big steaming pile of awful. This proves it.

Benny & Joon
Benny & Joon(1993)

The best non pirate role Depp has ever done. This movie is the epitome of classic early 90's heart warmers.


a super underated film. It was clever and whitty.Hands down the best acting Jason statham has ever done. Great cast, great story. This was an awesome movie and a total mind fuck.

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

I liked it for what it was. It was very guy ritchie more than Tarintino. Smart characters and good action. Everyone says it is a Tarintino ripp off. If i had to say it took anything from anything it would be the film Snatch. Smart dialogue, funny, whitty. The brief appearance of Ben afleck did wonders for me. It was an action packed blast with everything i enjoy in films, only crammed into a single film.Not saying it is the best film in the world, but it should be higher rated than what most give it.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

Best QT has ever done.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

Not my kind of thing, I see why it is good and i enjoyed the tears in the rain speech at the end. It was one of the major influences of steampunk. But the film isn't my bag.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Boromir's last stand, that's all i have to say.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

How do you fuck up the last 15 minutes of a movie that badly?! Marvel has actually declared the last 15 minutes not cannon. I thought ryan reynolds deadpool was awesome until he showed up as a spliced, wolverine,cyclops,and nightcrawler. How do you screw up deadpool. A less effective wolverine who is crazy. Tsk tsk. Maybe this is why doctor cox hates hugh jackman.


The only happy moment's in this film are from Gerty's emoticons. This is a sad film with one of the best underrated actors of our generation.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Great cast, Sam rockwell made a supporting character his own.
Downey Jr makes another hit, i swear the man has the Midas touch, anything he graces will turn to gold. Mickey R as whiplash was the one weak link i actually saw in the film. His character's unneeded scream at the beginning was poorly done in my opinion. Better action,better hot chicks, sorry paltrow you aren't anywhere near Scarlett's level of hotness..also a message to terrance howard, i didn't miss you.

Pay It Forward

Kevin spacey dwelling into his horrible past about how he got burned was worth an oscar in itself.

American Beauty

If your a spacey fan you will cream your pants.

Lucky Number Slevin

Every film reviewer who reviews a stylistic film with clever dialogue immediately pans it if they don't consider it better than Tarrantino. Let us all remember that QT made his films edgy and stylish because he used influences from other films.

Slevin is one of the best performances from josh hartnet i have ever seen. Stylish and edgy, it has a home in my personal collection.

Seven (Se7en)

Just have one thing to say about it. You didn't see that coming.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

captivating tale of redemption of a celebrity. Robert downey jr makes tony stark a part of himself.


The best superhero film i have seen since Dark knight. Cage's performance as a master assassin/ father of the year blew my mind. A little girl with balls to use the c word. A movie that will have me shouting
"Switch...to Kryptoniiiiiite!" for months to come.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

One of the best of Cage's performances in years.YEARS!As a Nicolas cage fan it is such a pleasure to see him acting with a glare in his eye again, i haven't seen him act like this since matchstick men. Hope this is a new turn in his acting career.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

a headache of a film based on a headache of a book by a headache of a writer. S. Thompson is just not my kind of bag, and this film showed me why.

Sherlock Holmes

anything downey jr touches anymore turns to gold, solid movie and solid performances by both jude law and R.D.J.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

One of my favorite films i have seen in the last 5 years.

L.A. Confidential

This film oozes film noir. Amazing cast, jaw dropping story. It is easy to say this was one of the best films of the 1990's, but it can hold it's own with almost any film you put up against it. Breathtaking.


It astounds me how this film got an Oscar nomination for looking pretty.Does it break grounds in cgi and animation? Yes i won't argue that. But This film is nothing more than Pocahontas, and dances with wolves on an alien planet. Nothing about the story is original. This film is nothing more than a pretty knock off.

Lethal Weapon

In my opinion one of the greatest, if not greatest buddy cop films ever made. Riggs and Murtaugh are like peanut butter and jelly. It is rare to get the kind of humor between two actors. It's in my personal top ten films of all time. An Iconic buddy cop classic.

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy(1995)

This movie is hands down in the top five best comedies of all time. Spade and Farley are at their best.