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Cheryl's Review of Bewitched

9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I will start by acknowledging that I loved "Bewitched" the TV show. I loved Dick York (not so crazy about Dick Sargent) as Darrin, and I loved Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha.

This movie was a travesty. It was about one-half-a-centimeter deep, and there was so little attention given to the plot that it made me think that whoever wrote/produced the movie just outlined the plot and let the actors ad-lib. Had the producers cut out most of Will Ferrell being himself, and focused on some semblance of a plot, it might have been better.

The major problem with the movie was Will Ferrell being cast as (in essence) "Will Ferrell in a movie." If he had any real acting talent, this might have worked. There were moments when he seemed to grasp that he was supposed to be playing a character in a movie, and those seemed to work. Unfortunately, those moments were few and far between.

Nicole Kidman could have been better. Michael Caine was .... OK. There could have been so much more done with the story line between him and Shirley McClaine's character that would have tied in with the stated theme of the movie (i.e., what happens when witches and mortals mingle), but it was almost completely ignored.

Ironically, the movie suffered from the same problems as the "script" for the television show which Ferrell and Kidman were allegedly shooting - too much focus on Will Ferrell and too little on what the story was supposed to be about.

If I could have given this movie negative points, I would have. It was that bad.