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The Invention of Lying

sounded like a good idea but failed in all catergories. Jennifer Garner acted like a robot although she looked great. Do people who don't lie act as if they run on batteries and have no feelings? Very bizzare

Slumdog Millionaire

A Masterpiece. There were a few loose ends but that could be me just missing something along the way. Best pic of the year.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Ben Button was a fun film. It was long, which is fine, it was well acted, which is great, and the story was well put together and made sense, which is mandatory. But there was a lack of depth to the whole story that was covered up by the unique case of Ben Button, of course him growing younger rather than older. Why this is not a homerun is because there was nothing out of the ordinary about the character other than the obvious. No accomplishment, no talent, no failure, nothing. I enjoyed it though.

Pineapple Express

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I loved Dumb and Dumber and am a fan of quirky dialog, but this was horrible.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

The Wrestler is the best film I have seen since No Country. It provides superior acting. A superior character in "The Ram". A superior story line that digs into the inner sanctum of human emotion, desire and disappointment. Just a brilliant film, brilliant.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

Gran Torino is a good movie. It is not quite as transparent as Crash, but it did lack something that I cannot put my finger on. Could it be the acting outside of Eastwood? Could it be the story in general? I'm not sure. It is definitely worth seeing but not worthy of award recognition


Taken is not the Wrestler. Taken is not Amelie. Taken is not even the Bourne Identity. Taken is a non stop, fun-filled Saturday night that you reminds you why you like movies in the first place. Liam Neeson is a spectacular bad ass because of his calm and never frazzled nature. It is a bit predictable but that is not necessarily a bad thing given the story line. The story has a more depth than the critics give it credit for. We can all relate to Liam Neeson to some degree and everyone has to appreciate the lack of beauracry that is displayed throughout the film. It is raw, it has a solid story line and is well enough acted for everyone to enjoy.

Into the Wild

-First rate acting

-First rate story telling
-First rate editing
-First rate film!


This is one of the worst films of the year, period. It's not that I don't like popcorn movies because I do, but Wanted is is packed full of non-sense and bad acting. The premise sounded cool in the Jason Bourne kind of way, but the story lacked a believeable foundation and a rediculous ending. Angelina Jolie said almost 75 scripted words, Mogan Freeman was looking for a paycheck and James M needs to get a new agent. Save this for a busted Friday night on HBO.

No Country for Old Men

[color=#d1d168][font=Tahoma]The best film made in the last 4-5 years. It captured the inner person in everyone, represented by almost of all of the characters. Masterpiece.[/font][/color]


The story flowed nicely and the acting was good. Very cool visuals and was surprisingly fun.