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Slumdog Millionaire
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In spite of all the hype, Slumdog Millionaire succeeded in living up to expectations as one of the best movies of the year. The cast was tremendous, especially lead Dev Patel. The story was fantastic. I just wonder if it was an accurate enough depiction of slum life in India. Some of it seemed a little implausible. But it is a movie, and it succeeded in drawing me in.

The only negative thing I have to say about Slumdog Millionaire is that the love story was a little weak. I think this is because the two love interests are not on screen together long enough before they are separated. This made it a little less enthralling once they were reunited. Other than this I thought the rest of the movie was near perfect. Danny Boyle proves he is one of the best directors out there. Slumdog Millionaire is probably the best movie of the year. And even though I haven't seen Benjiman Button or Doubt, judging by the commercials and reviews I can confidently say Slumdog Millionaire is a better pic. I'd probably only compare it to Milk and The Wrestler. Maybe Frost/Nixon.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino (2009)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is one movie I actually went into not having any bias beforehand. I had not read any reviews and had no clue what I was about to watch. This is also one movie that should never have been made. The story was only somewhat inspiring. And when Eastwood did try to reel the audience in, Gran Torino was incapable of doing so because of the absolutely atrocious acting by almost the entire cast. Great, or even just believable acting, is what holds a film together.
Eastwood was the only slightly believable main character. The asian "gang" in this film was more comical than threatening. The whole time, I knew I was watching a movie, I was never once drawn into the story because the actors were so unbelievable and untalented. The only people who seemed to know what they were doing were the ones who weren't speaking english. I don't know what Clint was thinking when he put this together but he must have been off his meds or on something else. I'm also wondering why this movie is getting as good reviews as it is.