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Inception (2010)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Brilliant does not even come close to how good this movie is, but it works as a one of the hundreds of great words that could be placed with this film. Nolan has outdone himself once again, and this time, surpasses any of his previous projects by far, even nudging by the dark knight. This movie has one of the most confusing and complex plots in any movie to date, but you want out of the theatre asking what you just saw, and then 10 minutes later you think it over and believe it to be one of the greatest suspense/thrillers films of the decade. A mind-bending, plot twisting, time travelling, dream visiting feast for movie goers alike. You must be in the mood to think, or you will hate this movie. Inception takes originality to a new level and hits us with mind blowing special effects that will make anyones jaw drop. There are so many characters to follow, that you forget about what really is the main conflict, just has respect for everyone. The climax brings us into a dream, then into a dream within a dream, into another dream within that one, then into a persons subconscious, which triggers another dream. All of the dreams are in different parts of the world, in different time frames, or dreamt up. There is a certain plan that must be completed before time runs out and they all die. It flows perfectly, and always has a question of what is really going on which will make your eyes glued to the screen for the full two and a half hours that it runs for. Inception will bring you into a new world that you will never want to see end. Film making at it's 21st century potential. Amazing beyond belief.