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The Dark Knight
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

What makes a good movie? Star-studded cast giving you everything they have plus some....check....unbelievably brilliant script that gives you not only great dialouge and plot but also gives you the kind of action packed scenes that you find yourself looking around at people who you dont even know in the theater with you and just make that face of ahhhh and epic love triangle....check.....the kind of movie that when you watch it and its nearing the end you are upset because you dont want to stop watching it....check.... going into the movie i was skeptical about all this buzz Heath Ledger was getting about a possible oscar nob....after viewing his performance i found myself feeling a sense of great loss...why did you have to leave us soo soon??? He will go down in history as being one of the greatest villians of all time...watching his creepy and very disturbed portrayal of the joker made me feel as if i was staring into the face of god and god was staring back at me and saying this Brandon this is how acting is done....this is how....i found myself missing him throughout the movie when he wasnt on the do you really watch that and not say to the person sitting by you "wow" i mean that is all you could really say... And the award for best supporting actor goes to Heath Ledger in the dark night....thank you Heath, im so glad i toasted you last night before i took that shot of tequilla this girl bought me and than gave me a creepy look after i toasted to your memory and portrayal of the joker...anyways im straying from my really did save you best for last

my hat is off to christopher your vision with the movie was just so absolutely brilliant i litterally almost i had a tear in my eye but i didnt let it stream down my face because my sister was sitting next to me and it wasnt even a sad scene and i didnt want her thinking i was a fag... i dont understand how one movie can be so brilliant but it truly was....the only flaw that i saw in what can only be described as a masterpiece i felt was quite obvious..Maggie Gyllenhal... everytime she came on screen with that hideously ugly face that looks like she got hit with a frying pan when she was younger and her face just stayed flat...sorry rambling again....anyways everytime she came on screen i wanted to rip half my face off and become a real life two-face just so i could focus my attention on something else than her butchering the brilliance of this movie...i wont hold that against you chris because i think you realized what you did probably on day two of shooting when you looked at her takes and you pulled your brother over to the side and whispered in his ear "this could have been a huge mistake"...but because you already signed the papers you were stuck with her and made the best out of a bad situation and instead of having to worry about casting her in the next film you decided to kill her off....that was even more brilliant...

the way that Christian Bale came into his own as Batman in the Dark Night was quite apparent from Batman Begins....he really steps up to the plate and gives an incredible performance that might go unnoticed by most because Heath has casted such and incredibly large shawdow over everybody else in this movie....but Christian i noticed and i really appreciate the work you did in this film....looks like you got a little jacked up with this role as well...i noticed buddy!!!! by the way what kind of workouts do you do? is it mostly free weights or do you do alot of cables too??? we can talk about that later i guess

can i just give a quick shout out to Aaron Eckhart...i really enjoyed your performance in this kind of confused as to why they had to kill you? or are you dead? i think you would make a terrrific villian

as usual Mr. Freeman you were brilliant i dont think i commended you in my review of your work in Wanted but ill make sure ill shout you out now...well done

the ending was maybe one of the most brilliant endings of any movie ive seen...i can just see christopher nolan behind the camera watching this and looking at the girl who just brought him his morning coffee and saying "ya, this is it, this is brilliance"...yes Chris this is brilliance...i just want you to know that i get it man, you did it and i couldnt be have the largest opening in the history of feature beat beat out Vinny Chase's are the biggest film director on the planet right now...and right here right now sir i vow to you that after watching this movie today i wont watch another movie for the rest of my life...because after watching this movie and taking in what i have witnessed, watching any other movie just wont measure wont even be've changed the way i will look at movies from now have set the bar to a level that maybe not even you will be able to top....and for that i love you, and hate you.... RIP Heath, we truly saw a glimpse of the greatness you had in you...thank you

Hancock (2008)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A stumbling, stammering, word slurring masterpiece of a movie... I can explain how brilliantly Peter Berg captures the mood of the characters by the way he shoots his films... Will Smith continues his dominance and reign as the king of the box office with yet another smash hit. Hancock makes you laugh, cry (almost), and truly care for his character and you begin to feel for what he is going through.... The epic love saga of this film just makes it that much more brilliant and truly seperates it from any other super hero movie out there. Bateman has certainly taken another huge step forward from the last time we saw him in Juno.... Even my pure hatred of watching Charlize Theron on screen has vanished and she has made me a fan once again. Like all movies there are some corny parts but let me tell you that the sheer brilliance in this movies outweighs the weakness 100 to 1.... The next time we take a shot of whisky lets take a minute to go around the room and toast to Hancock for keeping our cities safe and our minds at rest....Let me be the first to make a toast..."To Hancock, your not alone anymore, we love you and are rooting for you now, thank you"... not only is this movie action-packed and well directed we get to look forward to a sequel that will hopefully see Hancock make even more use out of his remarkable powers....

Wanted (2008)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

a devilish, extremely fast paced in your face action movie. Wanted gives us stunningly brilliant action sequences that literally make you say ahhh and wow.... with a star-studded cast and an excellent idea this movie almost gives us everything we could want in summer action movie... then ending will disappoint, but dont let that take away from a very impressive movie...McAvoy gives on hell of a performance that makes us all but forget that he was in that dreadful Atonement movie, and make us hope this isnt the last action movie we see him in... Is there anyone sexier than angelina with a gun? i dont think so.... the action scenes alone are worth spending the 8.50 to see this movie....the ending didnt do it for me