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Army of Darkness
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

While this film is much different than the first 2 Evil Dead films, it is a cult classic for many other reasons and a great movie on its own grounds. Instead of being a serious horror film with some comedy thrown in the mix, it is more or less a spoof on the whole horror genre in general. It is also a unique blend of movie genres, mixing horror, comedy, action-adventure, and fantasy all in one.

The unique blend of genres is a large part of the reason it is a great movie. It has the director, Sam Raimi, who also wrote the screenplay along with Ivan Raimi, at their most creative. They mix a 14th century medieval landscape with armies of the dead, time travel, and the workings of the main character, Bruce Campbell as Ash who only has his shotgun, a chainsaw, and his run-down Oldsmobile.

Bruce Campbell's portrayal of Ash in the film, makes the movie worth a recommendation by itself. He is like the king of B movie cool. His character is a great blend of personality, arrogance, and lots of witty one-liners. He has some unforgettable lines like, "good I could use a horse blanket" or "first you want to kill me and now you want to kiss me, blow."

If you enjoy a good laugh, as well as, a refreshing whirlwind of creativity, I highly recommend this movie.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A superb film on practically every level. This is one of my favorite Westerns of all time and one of my favorite movies period. First off, it has great characters. Clint Eastwood plays "Blondie" aka "The Man With No Name" incredibly well. His character is practically the opposite of what John Wayne played. I am a big fan of many of John Wayne's films, but him and Clint Eastwood were very iconic characters for different reasons. Clint's character in this film is a man of few words, has a very cool way about him with a twisted sense of honor, and whether he is good or bad is always unclear. In comparison to John Wayne who almost always played a larger than life character who had a big personality, a strong sense of honor, and a strict ethical code. Eli Wallach as "Tuco" is also an excellent character. His character fits well as "the ugly" because he is an outlaw who has had a hard life, but seems to have only chosen that path because he didn't know any better. Lee Van Cleef as "Angel Eyes" is another great character. He is very well played and fits well as "the bad" because he has a sinisterly cool way about him and definitely has a very limited moral/ethical code judged by his actions throughout the film.

However, the characters are only a portion of what makes this an excellent film. It is a very well put together film by the Director, Sergio Leone, in general. The direction is awesome with beautiful expansive landscapes and set pieces, which really portray the Old West well. This feat is impressive on its own due to the fact that the movie was filmed in Italy. The story is great with the characters moving to several different areas throughout the film including: several rustic towns, vast deserts, a Catholic mission, civil war battlefields, and a never-ending cemetery. The movie is close to three hours long, but it never really drags due to all the great elements in it. Another one of my favorite parts of the film is the musical score. It is incredibly well made and many of the songs have a haunting way about them that stick with you long after the film is over.

Simply put, if you enjoy great Westerns or great movies in general, this one shouldn't be missed.