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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

With the newest entry on the Twilight saga, I have to say, they really need someone else to write the dialog. It feels a bit like it was written by a very intelligent 12 year old girl. This has potential but is in dire need of some experts to give it clout and credibility. However, the storyline/plot has become much more intriguing this time around. I enjoyed the concept of the werewolves and vampires having to work together or team up to protect Bella. Very engaging. Both Jacob and Edward were more likable in this. I especially enjoyed the scene in the tent. And the scene where the wolves show up on Bella detail. It has to be said somewhere, but Michael Sheen desperately needs to be in the next one. The soundtracks on the previous editions to the saga was something I quite enjoyed;-- with exception to the end song, they needed to pay attention to the affect a good score makes on adding drama to a moment. That's not to say I was disappointed (or that I'm suggesting they go overboard on the next edition), but something I noticed immediately and appreciated on the other films. It's something that followed you after the film was over. Regarding the new director, David Slade: This newest Twilight had a much less ominous presence or dark aura(?) to it than the previous; but it was also much less like a teen soap opera, skipping to the point where it needed to.

In summation, it was worth the price of the rental to see Eclipse, but this is probably not for a film connoisseur. We'll see on the next one. It is improving a bit.

Return to Paradise
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Three friends spend vacation time in Malaysia- two go home, but one, Lewis McBride (Joaquin Phoenix) stays with the dream of working with apes for his research. Two years later a lawyer, Beth Eastern (Anne Heche), locates the friends. It turns out that shortly after they had left Lewis, police raided their camp and found large quantities of hash inside. Lewis was the only one residing there, so he took the full blame and is being sentenced to execution unless his two friends can come forward and take their share of the responsibility, whereby reducing the sentence for him, but at the same time putting themselves into the depths of hell.

The story begins with questions of morality but quickly devolves into absurdities; however, it is the literally CHILLING, emotionally wrought and powerful performance given by Joaquin Phoenix that *really* lends this movie its legs. (Review edited to add that credit aught to be given to Anne Heche's equally brilliant performance.) Set design was well constructed, giving the feeling of third-world, unsanitary conditions, and the feeling of total isolation from the pretty things we're all use to...

Overall worth it for the performances and a long after-movie discussion. 7.8/10.