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The Expendables
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Holy Jesus! How friggin cool was this movie????
This is a mack truck through a brick wall. Ten tons of shot gun shells punching you in the face. NO! there are no winey metrosexual vampires making out with anorexic models that look like 12 year old boys NO! NO NO! no greased up panzy's dressed up like romans. THIS IS SPARTA BITCHES! NO THIS IS AMERICA!!! GO take your cape and mask batman and shove it! I got a cape for ya its called a fist in yer ass!
This is baddasery at its finest. People getting cut in half by shotgun wielding Dolph lundgren. Jason Statham chucking a friggin knife in your neck! Bruce Willis talking shit to Arnold and Sly???!!! Come on!
OH yeah and another thing for all you bulimic sissy asses who talk of no plot go put on your frilly underwear and go see some lame ass movie you have to read! MOVIES ARE TO BE WATCHED IF I WANTED TO READ I'DE GET A FRIGGIN BOOK!! YOU PEOPLE I swear its like asking a guy to read Penthouse are you retarded???? making a comment about plot??? You know it's ok if you disagree with me your wrong. Actually strike that it's not ok your a moron.
This is a screaming in the theaters " OH SHIT!@!!" kinda flick. Not some coming of age single mom dealing with her sexuality and my kid doesn't talk to me turd ball movie no! Go get your starbucks and shove it up your botique clothing store pie hole! THIS IS AMERICA! THIS IS A BIG ASS GAS SUCKING V8! THIS IS A DIESEL TRUCK SPEWING FILTH IN YOUR FACE! SCREW ALL OF YOU WHO HATE!!! VIVA AMERICA BITCHES!!!!!!!!! THATS RIGHT I SAID VIVA SO SUCK IT!