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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show(1975)

Quite possibly the weirdest musical I have ever seen, & one of the most unusual movies I've seen as well. Was it bad? No, never. But weird, this definitely takes that cake.

But being weird doesn't mean this movie wasn't amazing.

But this movie, as great as it was, had it's flaws.

For one, the story isn't all to clear as to what it wants to do for the movie. Secondly, the main characters (I.E. the newly married couple) are completely uninteresting & I actually didn't give much of a damn for them. And thirdly, the plot makes little sense.

As I said, I didn't give much of a shit for the couple of the movie, hell I actually did not enjoy the first song they sang together at the beginning of the movie. But once they made it to the castle where all the trannys are at, is when things got weirder, & most importantly, better!

The songs also got a major improvement, & just amaze me with their rock & grundgy feel. Tim Curry gives a phenomenal performance in here, one I thought I'd never see.

Overall, it's a good movie, & actually still goes strong as it ages, & it is amusingly awkward, but the story could have used a bit of work as well as the two lover characters.

If that remake of this movie is actually happening, then maybe they can develop the story a little better as well as characters, even if the remake ends up being crap. But I highly doubt anyone can do a better job than Curry.