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Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill: Revelation(2012)

I waited 6 years...for THIS?!

Before I continue on, let me make it clear that I have NEVER played a single game in the Silent Hill franchise, despite my love for them. "How can you love a franchise you don't play?" you might be asking yourself right now. Well, to point that out, I actually began to read about each & every SH game on the Wikipedia & Silent Hill Wikia pages, & slowly began to love the franchise. I want to play at least the first two, then Homecoming, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

Anyways, back to this. So after that, you'd expect me to like this movie, & the previous one. Well, I DID like the first one, despite the inconsistencies (Pyramid should NOT have been put in there) & the extreme focus of the cult (something the first two or three games did not really emphasize on). But this sequel, no, no, it was awful.

Silent Hill was one of those video game adaptions that I TRULY waited for a sequel to, & now that I got it, I wish the sequel would have kept me waiting longer if it could have been done better. I will tell you though, that despite how bad of a game adaption this is, it is still far superior to any of the so-called 'game adaptions' that Uwe Boll has given you.

Cast/Acting: The only actors that returned from the first movie was Sean Bean's hot ass, & cameos from Radha Mitchell. The rest of the actors are recognizable, but unworthy. The acting in this movie is wooden, very wooden. Each actor looks so lifeless, bored, uninterested, & forced. With that, the movie honestly doesn't get much better you can assume.

Characters: Like the consensus already stated, the characters in this movie are weak. So weak that you'd be surprised how they don't die within the first 5 minutes of screen time the have. You honestly could live less of a shit about them, & instead you just want to see more of the cool-looking enemies that appear from the games. Sharon is afraid of any little thing that approaches her. You could throw a piece of toilet paper at her & she'd go bat-shit freaked out.

The only characters that aren't even characters you'll enjoy looking at are the Silent Hill enemies that only makes cameos in the movie, save for Pyramid Head (who still does NOT belong here).

Effects: The only redeeming value this movie has, save for the ending of the movie (and no, I don't mean the ending credits). The 3D was spectacular, & worth paying for. The effects to the monsters found in this movie were perfect & well done, but sadly, each monster is not given enough screen time, just like the first movie.

Plot/Story: First off, this movie is supposed to be a sequel to the first one, & is loosely adapted from the third Silent Hill game. But the story isn't actually there & it is so incomprehensible, & the plot is loaded with tons of inconsistencies & retcons. Yes, I used the word incomprehensible even after the consensus already stated it, but I thought of that word anyways as I watched the movie.

Not only does the movie adore referencing how it's a sequel to the first one, but it also enjoys leaving a lot of loose ends, lots of missing elements, & doesn't want to hold still. There are points in the story where you actually wonder what the hell does it have to do with the movie & why does this happen. There is also much less mythos & storytelling about Silent Hill in here than in the first one. The first movie gave you an excessive amount of information about the cult & Alessa, but very little on Silent Hill itself (and that's if they actually mentioned anything about Silent Hill).

The story also has lots of loose ends, like I said. There are so many things that don't connect, are not brought up earlier in the film to explain them, lots of inconsistencies, & at times just makes no sense. Not to mention that the story itself is rushed & the plot has been structured in a Point A to Point B setting. So not only will you ask yourself lots of things & wonder how any of the stuff is even possible or connects, but you'll get frustrated at how fast the questions keep getting throw at you.

Oh, and another big flaw the movie has? It's BORING! I sat down through this movie bored, & waiting for something interesting to happen. Even my little brother along with his friend were dying of boredom in the theater while they sat through it. The only interesting things that happened in the movie were the appearances by the monsters.

And again, Pyramid Head is not a being that should be in here; he is not the reminiscence of Sharon/Alessa as the movie makes him out to be, he is James Sunderland's reminiscence. But sadly, the reason he was added in both movies was because of how iconic he is to the franchise, & admittedly, if he didn't make an appearance, even a cameo, in either movies, most people would have a hard time seeing it as a Silent Hill adaption.

Finally, as I stated earlier, the ending to this movie was actually great next to ******Spoilers****** that epic battle between Pyramid Head & the Missionary. The ending gives you references to previous installments of the franchise, such as the cameo of Travis Grady from Silent hill Origins who picks up Sharon & her douche boyfriend in his truck after leaving Silent Hill, & the police cars passing them by along with the prisoner bus from Silent Hill Downpour******Spoiler end******

Dialogue: It is laughable, just laughable. Whatever so called 'words' that escape the lips of the actors/characters will only make you crack up of how bad they are. I even recall hearing Sharon or that douche guy she hung out with say "Let's leave together" even though they know nothing about each other. How does that add up?

Music/Score: I don't think there were any songs played in this movie, but the score was wonderful. Like the previous movie, the score matches perfectly with the Silent Hill feel & eerie atmosphere.

Overall, this movie sucked, & was a massive disappointment. Is it the worst video game adaption I have seen? No, that's taken by any of Uwe Boll's works. Is it the worst video game movie sequel I have seen? Nope, that is still taken by Resident Evil Apocalypse & Extinction.

Could I ask for another sequel? At first I said yes, but after reading that director Bassett would rather make an original sequel rather than another possible adaption to the games, I said no. Unless some other director, say Sam Raimi, decides to pick up another game of the franchise to adapt or reboot these ones, I don't want a sequel.

I would like to see Silent Hill Homecoming get an adaption, despite how negatively received it was (though it doesn't technically deserve it). I feel like Homecoming has such a perfect plot & story for a movie adaption, & that's only if it's going to be done right.