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Made of Honor
Made of Honor (2008)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
½'s a "rom/com." What do you expect? [I]Wit?[/I] No. I[I]nnovative plots?[/I] No. [I]Deep perspectives into the meaning of life?[/I] Certainly not. What you expect is two people who just can't figure out they should be together (even thought it is painfully obvious to you, the moviegoer), their near-realization of this fact followed by a not-so-serious problem that threatens to keep them apart, and a happy ending for all after they get over it. And that is exactly what you get here.

If you are watching this movie because you want to see Patrick Dempsey's lovely face for an hour and a half, that is what you will get. The acting is standard, not deplorable, but the plot is really where this movie fails. It's not that the plot is bad...just predictable. Then again, what "rom/com" isn't?

This review sounds harsher than it should be. I didn't hate this movie. I actually kind of liked this movie. Then again, that is what this genre of movie is supposed to do...leave you reassured that true love conquers all, whether it really does or not.

5 out of 10. Nice "junk food" movie to watch when you're feeling down.

:up: for Patrick Dempsey. :down: for predictability.

Heat (1995)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

With a cast this good, how could the movie be bad?

While this movie doesn't really do anything ground-breaking (cop goes after bad guy who is orchestrating devious plan to steal lots of money and has "deep realization" about the nature of good and evil), it still keeps you interested to see what will happen next...even when you don't want the inevitable to happen.

The acting is spectacular, as expected, and the onscreen interaction between Pacino and De Niro, particularly the diner scene, is incendiary.

The movie is overly long (about 2 hours and 45 minutes), and some of the scenes could probably be cut, but at least most of the superfluous scenes add some depth to the characters that makes this movie different from others of its kind. After the movie, you will not quite be sure whether either of the main characters was a "bad guy" or whether both were just trying to find meaning and purpose in tragically flawed ways.

8 out of 10. :up: