ScottHodgins' Rating of Daybreakers

Scott's Review of Daybreakers

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Daybreakers seems like a creative take on a vampire movie and that is not without merit.

Vampirism has become the new normalcy for 'human' civilization, replacing regular humans and forcing them into hiding. This allows vampire society to work as an analogy for modern human society and this is where some good social commentary comes in.

One of these commentaries involves how over-consumption of resources leads to famine and social instability. There's an added layer to this when we see that the head of the blood products company that feeds the vampire world with its blood needs is not interested in fixing the problem so much as maintaining a business model that profits from the need for blood and the demand for real human blood.

Unfortunately, much of the creativeness and intelligence of this movie is diluted by bad story telling and equally bad editing. The movie does not flow well and we're left with climactic sequences which feel forced and ill-timed.

This is when you get problems like when characters that you're pretty sure are supposed to be important are killed off but you still don't feel much for it because you have no vested emotions banked in these characters. Or when an amazing solution is presented to a problem that didn't seem to exist.

It can all be summed up by a lack of character development and a lack of anticipation-and-resolution. Quite simply, I didn't feel much of anything for the characters and so the story was not nearly as engaging as it should have been.

And the only thing I will remember from this movie is a line where Willem Dafoe's character mentions "bare-backing" a $5 prostitute.