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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


This was the best Sci Fi film of 2009. It was intelligent, it had character and it felt like you were alone on the moon with the main character. Though the main premise behind this movie is familiar to anyone who's picked up a sci fi book, and there are some improbable scenes regarding the AI in the base, it is not about the story but how it's told. Though the story of Moon is no where near as used as the story of Pocahontas, the story is still told many times in Sci Fi, but it isn't about the story, it's about how it's told. I like Moon for the same reason I don't like Avatar as much as I could. It had very good character developement, and there was a deeper meaning to it, like what really makes us human, and this was all done with 5 million dollars.

Avatar had a huge budget and a 3D world but a 2D story, not that I'm against that sort of story it just wasn't told right. District 9 had a much smaller budget, though it had some of the same problems with it's villains it wasn't focusing on them, they were more behind the scenes, and it focused more on its main character and was able to say more. But the best Sci Fi of that year was a movie that had a budget of only 5 million, and a cast much smaller than either of those films, a cast of only a handful of people and a main cast of only 2, and only one person who was actually present in the film. This film also had some set backs which prevents it from getting a 100% but it was far better than Avatar and a little better than District 9 because it truly explored some big questions and the one performance it did have was astronomical, and when times were getting rough for the main character you felt even worse than you did for District 9's protagonist when he was having hard times because of the isolation and the fact that the only other person was him. The science of this movie was also very good and added to the movie because you didn't have to suspend your disbelief for the most part, but there are the scenes in the base with earth like gravity that need to be explained, this can be forgiven due to the low budget. Overall a very good film.